Floatation Therapy at Inception.

What used to be rather grimly called "sensory deprivation" or "isolation" therapy has resurfaced as the far more appealing "flotation therapy": Those in need of some de-stressing and mental relaxation can bob about, alone, in an enclosed tub filled with enough salt water to keep them gently suspended on its surface. I love it!

Anyone considering their first float might ask, “What will I get out of it?” The answer is, more than you can imagine. Flotation therapy has been studied for more than 50 years, and it is proven to enhance floaters’ ability to concentrate, complete tasks, and learn how to do new ones. However, the learning experience you gain while floating will go far beyond the cognitive.

Pinpoint Stressors

Floatation treatment is meant to reduce stress. During a float session, you are closed inside a sensory deprivation tank, floating on water enhanced with thousands of pounds of Epsom salt. You don’t see, hear, or feel anything, so it’s impossible to experience external stress. However, people who float regularly report that after floating, they are better able to pinpoint stressors in everyday life. While some stressors are obvious, such as a high-pressure job or an elderly parent in need of care, others are a bit tougher to identify. Floating can help you identify internal stressors such as depression, a drive for perfection, or deep-seated anger at a situation.

Meet the owner of Inception:  David McCullar

Meet the owner of Inception:  David McCullar


Retrain Your Brain

Some floaters report that within the first five minutes of a session, their brains try to grasp any form of stimulation. Some people feel claustrophobic and momentarily panic. At Inception, they try to reduce the chances of this; for example, some clients leave their tanks slightly open to feel safe. However, if you give full sensory deprivation a chance, your brain will learn to retrain itself. Your body will learn sensory deprivation is nothing to panic about but something to enjoy. Over time, you may be able to practice meditation or deep breathing during your sessions.

Listen to Your Body

Many floaters experience chronic pain, from muscle tension or diseases like fibromyalgia. Some floaters are elderly or have disabilities that cause physical and mental stress. Whether you suffer from fibromyalgia, cerebral palsy, migraines, or stomach issues, floating can help you. In sensory deprivation, your body will calm down. As you stop thinking about your health problems, your systems will be less likely to react to them. Floating won’t cure health problems, but it may help your body cope more effectively.

Change Your Priorities

Perhaps the biggest learning experience you’ll get from a float is what happens afterward. You may find you aren’t as tempted to check your phone or email or go back to strategizing how to deal with stress. Instead, you’ll feel more inclined to let your brain and body rest for a decent period before tackling any tasks. Once you are ready to get back to your normal schedule, you’ll find completing those tasks feels easier. To learn more about how this and other learning experiences are connected to floating work, feel free to connect Inception in Farmington Hills, at bit.ly/FloatAtlnception.


Location: 31410 Northwestern Hwy suite G, Farmington Hills, MI


Femme Sneakers

Every woman loves a good pair of sneakers, right? You know…something cute, chic, and casual but feminine. Well ladies, 2017 has been the year of the femme sneakers. Your favorite sneaker brands have released their most icon sneakers in pale pastel hues. Puma Suede classics have been released featuring mint green, pink, and salmon, and lavender color ways. Adidas have re-released the Gazelle and Superstar sneakers in pastel hues as well. The ever on trend, Nike have also produced pastel renditions of their classic Air Force One, Air Prestos and Air Max 98. Then there is style maven and pop-icon Rihanna’s FentyXPuma collection, talk about chic! Rihanna’s last collection features satin bows paired with pastel hues. Previous collections of the FentyXPuma sneakers feature platform sneakers, another major sneaker trend this year. Everyone from Vans to Gucci, have gotten in on the platform sneaker trend. In addition, floral embroidery and art deco sneakers are making a huge splash in the sneaker world this year. Pastel hues look to continue to trend into 2018.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is among the flashiest, most versatile singer/songwriters in post-millennial pop. An all-around entertainer, he also plays multiple instruments, produces, and choreographs. His path to mainstream success was lengthy. After he worked a string of behind-the-scenes jobs, including writing songs for Brandy, singing backup for Sugababes, and impersonating Elvis Presley, he put his name on top of the Billboard Hot 100 by co-writing Flo Rida and Kesha's "Right Round." One year later, he collaborated with rapper B.o.B on "Nothin' on You" and co-wrote Travie McCoy's "Billionaire," both of which became Top Ten hits. Mars used that momentum to launch a solo career and became the first male vocalist in two decades to crack the Top Ten with his first four singles.



Born Peter Hernandez in Honolulu, Hawaii, Mars kicked off his career at the age of four by fronting his uncle's band, becoming Oahu's youngest Elvis impersonator in the process. Ten years later, he was impersonating the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, as part of the Legends in Concert show. After graduating high school in 2003, he took his uncle's advice and moved to California to pursue a music career. He eventually met songwriter Phillip Lawrence, who convinced Mars to try his hand at writing songs for other artists. The two dubbed themselves the Smeezingtons and co-wrote Brandy's "Long Distance." The duo scored their first number one hit in 2009, when they co-authored Flo Rida's international smash "Right Round."

By 2010, Mars seemed to be everywhere: singing alongside B.o.B on the chart-topping "Nothin' on You," co-writing "Billionaire," and collaborating with Cee-Lo Green on the Grammy-nominated hit "F*ck You!" He also began issuing his own material, starting with the May 2010 release of his first EP, It's Better If You Don't UnderstandDoo-Wops & Hooligans, his full-length debut, appeared later that year and quickly produced a number one single, "Just the Way You Are." In 2012, Mars both hosted and performed as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live, debuting tracks from his upcoming album.

hat album, the genre-jumping effort Unorthodox Jukebox, was released later in the year and featured the lead-off single "Locked Out of Heaven," along with production from Mark RonsonDiplo, and others. "Locked Out of Heaven" topped the Hot 100, and the album reached number two in the U.S. The second single, "When I Was Your Man," also hit number one. All that success made Mars a natural for one of the world's most prestigious gigs, the half-time show for Super Bowl XLVIII, where he performed with Red Hot Chili PeppersUnorthodox Jukebox later won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album.


The following year, Mars fronted Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk," a song he co-wrote that was among the most popular singles of that year. It topped charts around the globe and took home several Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year. In 2016, Mars returned with another funk-flavored hit, "24K Magic," and its parent album of the same title.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is Sunday May 14th, one week from today. Have you given any thought as to what you might want to give your mom, your wife, mother of your child/children?

Mom's like all sorts of gifts, store bought, handmade. Remember it's the thought that counts. If your child is old enough take them shopping and let them pick out what to give mom. Of course breakfast in bed is always a great idea. As a mom, I can tell you spending the day in bed lounging about is a fantastic mother's day present.


But if you need some inspiration, The Styling Closet has a few ideas for gifts that any mom would like. All items are available at Nordstrom Somerset Collection.

Is your mom a coffee or tea drinker? A cute mug that she can sip her favorite beverage from will keep you close. A decorative Swell bottle perhaps, there are several sizes available. They keep beverages hot or cold for hours.

How about a few decorative pillows for the living room, bedroom or a window seat.

Perhaps your mom likes to garden? These herbs and flowers are available at Nordstrom Somerset Collection.

Ideas still rolling around in your head, how about a few items for mom's office whether she works at home or away. A small dish for collecting paperclips and such, or maybe a planner or journal or other tchotchkes to decorate the home or book case.

Still not quite sure what to get mom? Then perhaps The Mother's Day Event is for you. The Natural Market located at 19556 Grand River, Detroit is having a Mother's Day shopping event, Saturday May 13th 12-4pm. You can get wonderful smelling candles, body oils, bath salts and more. Not sure of mom's favorite scent, The Natural Market can custom make a scent for you. They are also available online thenaturalmarketonline.com

Men With Style at dolce Moda

If you are driving along Maple road in Birmingham you may have driven right by dolce Moda located at 323 West Maple Rd. But I can assure you that once you stop into the store you will come back time after time.

dolce  Moda has a variety of men's wear on hand, suites, shoes, casual wear, messenger bags, one of a kind belt buckles and more. Yes, dolce Moda carries men's fashion statement pieces; a brocade tuexdo jacket, pocket squares and more. Not sure what look you want to pull together Jenny, the owner of dolce Moda will gladly help you pick out an entire wardrobe for you. Tailored to fit your body and your style.

The newest item at dolce Moda is the introduction of designer Ted Baker's women's fashion line. The colors are vibrant and ready to wear spring-summer. Skirt, maxi dresses and even a romper. What makes all of these pieces work, pockets. Yes most of the items from Ted Baker feature pockets on the designs making them functional and stylish.

What's Popping For Spring

Spring has finally made it's yearly appearance. However, living in Michigan we are still wearing coats, gloves and on some days boots due to our "lovely" weather.

However, snow squalls aside Spring 2017 is filled with color, variety and FUN. The collections I have been seeing not only on designer runways, but what is out and available in local stores is amazing.

There seems to be a plethora of fashion and accessories for every size and budget. Lets start with jewelry. Statement necklaces are still hot, but now those necklaces are being paired with fun earrings or a statement ring. Also bold gold/chunky earrings and bracelets are coming out  in all colors, shapes and designs.

COLORS: During our first "live" broadcast with Latrice, the question of what colors were hot for spring/summer came up. Usually we see lots of pastels and softer colors during the warmer months. But this season the focus is still on metallics. Metallic shoes, clothing, handbags and more. Also yellow and olive are showing up in fashion palates as well.

Other fashion items that are hot this season, leopard print, all sorts of denim fashions and tie-dye apparel. Now before scoffing about tie-dye fashion, look around and see what's out there. Tie-dye skirts can be paired with a statement tshirt. Tie-dye duster can be thrown over an outfit to totally change your look.

Last but certainly not least denim. Not just jeans or the traditional denim jacket. But denim skirts, shirts, dresses, shoes and even bags are being shown in stores. Not sure what you want, step out of your comfort box and create something. Have several pairs of jeans you don't wear, construct them into a denim skirt or another pair of jeans. You can cut off one leg of a pair of jeans sew up the bottom. Use another piece of fabric to create a strap and wha-la you have a denim tote that cost only your time to make. Decorate it with iron-on patches or draw a design on it.

This spring fashion is colorful and as I said earlier, playful. Get out and enjoy yourself this seeason.

Make sure to check out, "Live with Latrice" on Wednesday's at 10pm.

Do You Thrift?

What is the one thing that stylists, personal shoppers, and store owners all have in common? They know how to shop. More importantly they know how to shop and get the good stuff at a thrift store.

The Sip & Thrift event took place at Thrift on The Avenue 4130 Cass Ave. Detroit. The panel consisted of April Tincher-Vintage Designer, Latrice Delago-Macon, Stylist, Personal Shopper, Kristina Bowman Smith-Stylist, Marv Neal, Stylist, Personal Shopper, and Rondregus Underwood, Stylist, Model.

The panel gave tips not just on thrifting but what to look for when shopping at a thrift store. Tips such as, if it is a designer brand, look for a label or code of authenticity. Most designers have code or serial numbers in their hand bangs or wallets, such as Coach and Chanel.

If you find a designer piece of jewelry look for the designer's stamp on the item. Or take a chance and have the item appraised at a jewelry store if a designer's stamp or brand cannot be located on a item.

If you have found high end designer item of clothing, look at the stitching, the hems are they straight? are the button holes matching up to the buttons. There are ways to tell if the article of clothing is a legitimate brand or a knock off.

The panel also discussed where the best thrift stores were located. Marv Neal preferred the stores located only on the east side of town. While others on the panel preferred to spread the search out and not limit themselves to one area.

There are gems to be found at any thrift store, you just have to take your time and look. Yes, the Salvation Army is a good start. Also there are smaller thrift stores such as Regeneration that sells quality vintage and designer goods. Also lets not forget Thrift on The Avenue has vintage and designer items daily.

The event was a huge success. Refreshments were provided by Sumptuous Spirits. The atmosphere was set by Jaclyn Turner who owns Sweet Candle Co.

Each of the panelists has their own specialty in the fashion industry so each offered tips and advice on many items whether at a thrift store or at a name brand store in a mall.

  Rondregus Underwood,    April Tincher , and  Lisa Benedict,  Writer/Fashion Editor.

 Rondregus Underwood,  April Tincher, and Lisa Benedict, Writer/Fashion Editor.

Lauren Daniels, Owner-  Sumptuous Spirits , Latrice Delgado-Macon, Owner,  The Styling Closet

Lauren Daniels, Owner- Sumptuous Spirits, Latrice Delgado-Macon, Owner, The Styling Closet

Marc Jacobs Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear Collection



At the end of a New York Fashion Week that can generously be described as timid, the industry’s great showman Marc Jacobs stripped his runway down to the essentials. Advance word suggested he might, but the two rows of bare metal folding chairs marching narrowly across the Park Avenue Armory was a striking sight, nonetheless. There was no set, no music, no big hair and makeup statement, and no iPhone photography permitted. What gives?

Jacobs wasn’t doing interviews. We were warned about that in advance, too. But in another unusual move for the designer, he spelled out his thought process in writing. The collection, he said, was inspired by a documentary called Hip-Hop Evolution. “As a born and bred New Yorker, it was during my time at the High School of Art and Design when I began to see and feel the influence of hip-hop on other music as well as art and style. This collection is my representation of the well-studied dressing up of casual sportswear. It is an acknowledgement and gesture of my respect for the polish and consideration applied to fashion from a generation that will forever be the foundation of youth culture street style.”

Last season, Jacobs and his rave-inspired collection were the subject of online criticism for what was seen as cultural appropriation—his cast of mostly non-black models sported candy-color fake dreadlocks. Was this new collection a mea culpa or a kiss off? Even with the social media ban, the Internet is bound to make its own decision on that one. Out on Park Avenue, the models (a significantly more diverse group than last season, it should be noted) posed in front of two giant banks of speakers, and it didn’t take long for those pics to start flooding Instagram. In this reporter’s view, addressing his detractors was a brave move on Jacobs’s part. At a moment when designers are struggling to find brand-appropriate ways to acknowledge America’s roiling political and social issues, he appears more engaged than most.

But what did this collection have to say about how to dress next Fall? That, at least, is quite simple. That a fur-collared jacket and a thigh-skimming party dress is something you should wear with sheer stockings and sturdy, retro platforms. That track pants go with just about everything. That you can never have too much corduroy (a fact Jacobs and Miuccia Prada lately agree on). That the color brown and all its variations are beautiful. And that a hat with personality is absolutely essential. Also: If you’re going to wear jewelry, it might as well bling. These were not necessarily needle-moving fashion messages—designers have been cribbing from hip-hop for decades, and, as Jacobs acknowledges, it has become the defining mode of our day. But this collection at least had a sophisticated edge on its predecessor.

Marc Jacobs Fall 2017!

A Night Out With Chanel

Handbags, shoes and hats oh my, and it all has the name of Chanel as in Coco Chanel. The Styling Closet along with Saks Fifth Avenue had a wonderful night of shopping and fashion featuring Chanel products and accessories.

The wonderful associates at Chanel explained the concept of Coco Chanel's design's and how Chanel wanted women's wear to be chic, versatile and comfortable. "...The right fit on a woman's body was the only way" where Chanel was concerned. 

The evening was filled with champagne and men and woman buzzing about the latest in Chanel fashions and accessories. One of the associates, Jimmy looked very suave and debonair as he explained the new line of bags from Chanel with a Cuban influence.

Included in the evening was a showing of the collectible Chanel bags. The one of kind bags that any lover of Chanel would kill to own.

One of the highlights of the evening was a raffle featuring over $500 in Chanel products. The lucky winner of that wonderful prize was Tyshaunda.

Latrice Delgado-Macon-owner of The Styling Closet was featured wearing a silver leather jacket for the event. When a flash captures the jacket it appears to luminate. Chanel offers this feature in several designs as well as certain select pairs of shoes.

The evening overall was a huge success. Thank you to Saks Fifth Avenue and Chanel for hosting The Styling Closet event. All items featured are available at Saks Fifth Avenue in The Chanel Boutique, Somerset Collection.

RAINN Fashion On Common Ground

January in Detroit is usually cold, cloudy and snowy. Well on Saturday January 21st the weather was just the opposite. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny and snow-free day. The RAINN Fashion Show which was held at the Rattlesnake Clue on the Detroit Riverfront had a lovely day and a fantastic turnout for their second annual fashion show, benefiting, HAVEN, RAINN and Common Ground.

RAINN-Rape Abuse Incest National Network is the largest national anti-sexual violence organization.

Common Ground-Provides a lifeline to individuals and families in crisis. Victims of crime, mental illness, runaways, families of suicide, domestic and sexual abuse and much more.

HAVEN-is a comprehensive program for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. HAVEN provides shelter, counseling, advocacy and educational programming to nearly 20,000 people each year.

The Hosts for the event was Sherlyn Fox, Ms. Michigan US Universal 2017 and WDIV News Reporter Jason Colthorp. Sherlyn and Jason made for a lively fun duo during the event.

The Emcees were radio personalities Rat & Puff from AMP 98.7. Rat & Puff kept the audience laughing and upbeat with their on the spot interviews and other antics throughout the evening,

The fashion show featured a diverse mix of local designers who worked in all types of mediums from crochet fashions from, "Happy Hookers Detroit" to handmade leather bags from "Beau Satchelle" www.beausatchelle.com

The Event also featured over a dozen beauty queens including the current reigning Miss. Michigan-Krista Ferguson.

This event had plenty going on, Walk the Red Carpet to enjoy a night of elegance, networking, local fashion, style, artisan displays, charity silent auction and a post event trunk show. 

Event Sponsors

Event Sponsors

For More on RAINN check out the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/charityrunwaytrunkshow/

Chuck Bennett-The Social Metro, Latrice Delgado-Macon-Owner, The Styling Closet.

Chuck Bennett-The Social Metro, Latrice Delgado-Macon-Owner, The Styling Closet.

Latrice Delgado-Macon & Lisa Benedict-The Styling Closet.

Latrice Delgado-Macon & Lisa Benedict-The Styling Closet.

Model and Entrepreneur Tombi Stewart.

Tombi Stewart

Tombi Stewart is a visual artist, a K-12 art~infused educator, a creative writer, and an agency represented fashion, commercial and print model. She models for local, national and international clients.

In her career as an educator, Stewart has created opportunities for students and their familes to win money for college, attend traveling Broadway plays, engage in workshops with actors and create artwork that resides in the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.

Stewart enjoys her work as an educator and as a model, as they both enable her to work with young women. Her goal is to help girls and women raise their self~esteem and self~resect and diminish society's use of negative images that encourage disrespect and objectification.

Auto Glow lights the way to Detroit auto show Charity Preview , radiates support for the Children's Center.

by Marge Sorge


It’s that time of year, and we don’t mean the holidays.

It’s almost time for the North American International Auto Show and that means glitz, glamour and style – not just in the vehicle exhibits at Cobo Center, but on Charity Preview night.

One great place to celebrate before and after the preview and be part of some great work for kids is at AutoGlow, a gala benefit in support of The Children’s Center. The event is on January 13 at Ford Field and is hosted by Ford Motor Co. Chairman Bill Ford and his wife Lisa and Ford President and CEO Mark Fields and his wife Jane.

Tickets are $275 each when purchased on or before Dec. 16 and $325 after that and are now on sale.

Ford Motor Company is again the presenting sponsor and has supported The Children’s Center for more than 86 years. Since 1929 this organization has worked with children struggling with mental and behavioral health challenges or experiencing trauma. Annually, more than 7,500 children and families receive evidence-based therapeutic mental and behavioral health services to help them overcome emotional and intellectual challenges, trauma from abuse, neglect and poverty.


AutoGlow promises to be great fun.

After you “Pass Go” with Children’s Center Monopoly game you’ll enjoy the culinary talents of Levy Restaurants, including a pre-event reception with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, full strolling dinner service, desserts, open bar, and a late-night breakfast. If you’re still rearing to go after walking around on that hard Cobo floor there’s live music and dancing to the Nightline band.

During the evening you’ll find some fun elements of the Monopoly game scattered about field from inspiration for the menu to activities and some design elements.

Guests can also take a “Chance” on a raffle featuring round-trip airfare to Europe made possible by AutoGlow sponsor Delta Air Lines. There will be two winners, each receiving two Delta One tickets to Europe from Detroit. Raffle tickets are $25 each or 5 for $100.

AutoGlow runs from 4:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. Included with every ticket is access to the pre-event reception, main celebration, complimentary valet parking, and private transportation service between AutoGlow at Ford Field, NAIAS Charity Preview at Cobo Center and The Westin Book Cadillac.

All AutoGlow ticket holders must also purchase NAIAS Charity Preview tickets. To order call (888) 838-7500. Tickets are $400 each ($390 of which is tax deductible) and available now at charitypreview.com or call (888) 838-7500.

The Charity Preview runs form 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.  Stick around and see The Beach Boys, who perform at 9 p.m.


“It might be cold in Detroit but Charity Preview attendees will be dreaming about tropical breezes and sand beneath their toes as they hear memorable tunes from one of the most widely recognized musical groups in the world, The Beach Boys,” says Sam Slaughter, 2017 NAIAS Chairman.

For AutoGlow tickets and sponsorship information, visit www.thechildrenscenter.com/autoglow or call The Children’s Center at (313) 481-5106.

The Children’s Center is one of eight charities benefiting from North American International Auto Show Charity Preview proceeds.

To date, organizations sponsoring the 2017 AutoGlow include Presenting Sponsor Ford Motor Company; Platinum Sponsor BASF Corporation; Gold Sponsors Cadillac Asphalt, DENSO, Harman International, Henniges Automotive; and Silver Sponsors A.T. Kearney, The Detroit Lions and GTB.  Joining these sponsors are in-kind Travel Sponsor Delta Air Lines, in-kind Venue Sponsor Ford Field, Exclusive Magazine Sponsor HOUR Magazine, in-kind Food & Beverage Sponsor Levy Restaurants, and in-kind Video Sponsor Ringside Creative.

For a complete list of sponsors, visit www.thechildrenscenter.com/autoglow.

Mi Wedding Tours

MiWedding Tours to Launch Series of Luxury Wedding Venue Excursions  See and taste at four venues in one day on the Only Michigan tour that lets you try before you buy! 
Where will you spend the bulk of your wedding day and your wedding budget? At the reception venue! Someone has finally created an easy, elegant way to see and select the wedding venue that is as special as the wedding itself! MiWedding Tours has taken the hassle out of the venue selection process by scheduling two separate five-hour chauffeured tours of four of the finest competitively priced venues in the area: Petruzzellos Banquet and Conference Center and The San Marino Club, both in Troy, Michigan; and the Regency Manor Banquet Center and St. John’s Armenian Banquet Center, both in Southfield, Michigan.  
We’ll be met by the most experienced wedding catering and event-planning staff at these fourstar venues, each with a reputation for good food, beautiful decor, excellent customer service, and the capacity to accommodate wedding parties of 50 to 800 guests.  MiWedding Tours will guide our guests in asking the questions that will truly make the big day a memorable one. We speak “wedding”! 

 On January 21st from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. couples, or brides and/or a member of the support circle, will sit back, relax and hear expert tips as they swap stories with other engaged people and explore wedding venues. It’s a real value at $55, with a worth totaling over $100 - plus there will be swag bags with discount certificates for a full range of products and services.  
Guests will board the coach, beginning at 9:15 a.m., in The Somerset Inn parking lot at 2601 W. Big Beaver Road in Troy. You must be 21 to attend and there is a limit of two tickets per bridal party. For more information, or to register for this event, please go to: www.eventbrite.com/e/miwedding-tours-luxury-venue-search-tour-tickets-27159963181. 
Wedding Venue Tours include: • A red carpet trip on a luxury coach with a personal wedding venue tour guide on board. • Champagne with gourmet hot & cold hors d’oeuvre samples, compliments of the venue, including canapes and other light delicacies.  • Up to a full hour at each of the four stops. Explore and consult on the venue’s offerings, size, decor, presentation and any other considerations that will make the day a special one. • Promotional materials from each venue and discounts in the brides’ gift swag bag. 
“The venue is where the majority of the wedding day is spent, where most pictures are taken, where the food and drink set the tone. It’s the beginning of life as husband and wife,” said Tene’ Logan, MiWedding Tours Coordinator. “That’s what motivated me to be apart of a venue selection service as a recent bride myself, so couples aren’t undone by exhaustion and inconvenience, and end up settling for less than they really want just to check this key task off their list.” 
 The second tour takes off on February 25, 2017 for the unique and rustic themed bride-to-be; Crowne Plaza, and the Guardian Building; both in Detroit Michigan, and Roberts Riverwalk Hotel and Detroit Boat Club also all in Detroit, Michigan.  
MiWedding Tours is a wedding planner's dream that can be included in the professional’s menu of services, saving time, gas and energy arranging and driving brides from venue to venue.  
Promotional partners include: The Arthur Murray Dance Studio and Gayle's Chocolates both of Royal Oak, Michigan; Sweet Dreams of Warren, Michigan; Lee’s Specialty of Bloomfield Hills; Allstar Chauffeured Services of Troy; and Cadillac Travel of Southfield.   
For more information on MiWedding Tours: www.miweddingtours.com 

Holiday Sparkle With L.K. Bennett

Happy Holidays. When The Styling Closet decided to have a holiday event we wanted to showcase a place that has class, sophistication and of course timeless fashion. Well hello L.K. Bennett.

We partnered with Suzen Kingston and her staff, Ingrid, Alex, and Ashley to put together a fun, chic, event that kept the store located in Somesert Collection busy amongst all the holiday shoppers in the mall.

L.K. Bennett staff from left to right, Ingrid, Alex, Suzen (store Manager) and Ashley.

L.K. Bennett staff from left to right, Ingrid, Alex, Suzen (store Manager) and Ashley.

The day was filled with strolling models wearing the current L.K. Bennett fashions from faux fur to party dresses. We even got the models and shoppers in the store to do, "The Mannequin Challenge"

L.K. Bennett offers a variety of high end clothing options for women; business wear, vacation/resort wear, evening wear and leather handbags and accessories. 

Stop into L.K. Bennett 2801 West Big Beaver Rd. Somerset Collection (248) 602-3409.

The Styling Closet Models for the Day.

The Styling Closet Models for the Day.

Mi State Of Mind Opens

Store Owner, Andy Buss

Store Owner, Andy Buss

Mi State Of Mind is the latest store to open in the downtown Rochester area. Store owners, Andy Buss and his wife Bailey are the owners of the store. Michigan Native Andy grew up in the area and had always thought of opening up a store geared toward people who are just as passionate about the State of Michigan as he and his wife are.

The store carries a wide variety of Michigan branded items. T-shirts, hats, hoodies and more, sizes infant-adult. 

There are specialty items such as a mitten shaped set of adirondack chairs or Mi State of Mind wine, mugs and tumblers as well as granite coasters.

Mi State of Mind is located at 408 Rochester Rd. Rochester, MI 248-710-9030 or visit them online mistateofmind.com

Women's longer length hoodie over leggings.

Women's longer length hoodie over leggings.

Our Holiday Hottest Hostess Gifts Guide Ideas!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which ultimately means it’s time to prepare yourself for the upcoming onslaught of holiday party invitations. While most gracious hosts will tell you to just bring yourself, a good guest knows it is polite (and more festive) to participate in the spirit of giving. Hostess gifts are quite possibly the most fun gifts to purchase—they can be fun, irreverent and they don’t have to break the bank. Here is a quick round up of great gifts for every type of hostess.

Kiki Davis heads 11th largest Black-owned bank in the US.

Kiko Davis, trustee of the Donald Davis Living Trust, majority stockholder of First Independence Bank. (Photo credit: Breanne White

Kiko Davis, trustee of the Donald Davis Living Trust, majority stockholder of First Independence Bank. (Photo credit: Breanne White

By Munson Steed 

Kiko Davis is one of the few Black women in the nation who can say they hold part ownership of a minority-owned bank. Davis is now the majority stockholder of First Independence Bank headquartered in Detroit. First Independence Bank is the 11th largest Black-owned bank in the United States, as reported in Black Enterprise magazine in 2015, and Davis has been holding her own since coming into her new role with the bank in 2014.

Davis is also the founder and president of the Don Davis Legacy Foundation. Established in 2016 with the goal to perpetuate the legacy building efforts and initiatives envisioned and developed by her late husband, Davis has avowed that the work begun by her late husband Don Davis will continue under the umbrella of his namesake legacy foundation.

Don Davis became chairman and CEO of First Independence Bank in 1970 and held that role until his untimely death in 2014. In honor of and tribute to her late husband, Davis has dedicated her efforts toward ensuring that families and organizations in need of scholarships, grants and key services will not go unmet — a vision that she and her late husband were both passionate about and often discussed.

Rolling out caught up with Davis to discuss her role with First Independence Bank, her newly established foundation and also to find out what makes her a female success factor.

What are the three most important factors of being a successful woman?
Having a relationship with God. Not being afraid of failure. Surrounding yourself with like-minded, successful women and mentors (male/female).

Who or what motivates you and why?
Without a doubt, my children motivate me and they both are my source of inspiration. I believe that at this stage, I am their role model, so I feel that it is my responsibility to model excellence for them. Children are always watching and I always want to do right by them. I feel that I owe it to them to be the best version of myself – and I would like for them to do the same as they grow older.

How did you determine your career path?
I always knew that I would be working in multiple capacities because I hold many interests. But I feel like the path that I am on right now chose me — I am blessed to have so many opportunities that have arisen.

What inspires you to show up at work every day?
I truly believe that living in the purpose that God has for you helps to continuously inspire you and motivates you to show up at work each day. That’s what he has done for me.

Describe goal setting methods you use and how you evaluate your success.
In terms of goal setting, I usually write them down in my journal and give each goal I set a specific timeframe to complete it. After I reach those dates/timeframes, I assess which goals I need to refocus on in order to improve and get back on track. So my methods are simple: I write them down, provide a specific timeframe to achieve them, and then I do a reassessment to learn more about where the strengths and weaknesses lie within these goals I’ve set. I’m all about constantly improving oneself.

Describe the future skill sets that are essential to business leaders and innovators?
You must be driven, passionate and willing to take risks.

Describe why lifelong learning is important to you.
Lifelong learning is so important to me because you can never have enough knowledge. I believe as long as you are here on this earth, you are a student. I embrace that wholeheartedly — being open to learning more and being open to discovering new things.

Technology plays what role in your daily life?
Technology is the foundation of information exchange nowadays. You need technology to be able to efficiently communicate with clients, employees, vendors, etc.  Almost everything you do has some form of technology that can be used to assist us.

What social media or digital tool has made the biggest difference in your life and why?
My iPhone allows me to work, plan my schedule, socialize, keep in touch with associates, customers, family and friends in many different ways all from this one device.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
I would like to see the world have more love and kindness towards one another.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I would like to become better at finding the time to relax more often. Also, I could do better at delegating more responsibilities to others more often. Making those changes would help balance an oftentimes heavy workload.

Tracy Reese!

Tract Reese | Fashion Designer

Tract Reese | Fashion Designer

American fashion designer Tracy Reese was born on February 12, 1964 in Detroit, Michigan. Tracy gets the burning desire for creating beautiful things and an eye for fashion from her mother. She remembers designing and creating outfits from scratch with her mother on their sewing machine.

Tracy went to Manhattan to pursue a career in fashion design. She attended Parsons The New School for Design from where she graduated in 1984. To gain hands on experience to become a seasoned fashion designer in the future, Tracy worked at a small contemporary firm called Arlequin under Martine Sitbon. Throughout her career, Tracy has worked at top of the line fashion houses like Perry Ellis where she held the post of design director for women’s portfolio. She was also inducted as a member of the CFDA in the year 2000.

Tracy’s eponymous collection received raved reviews when it was launched in 1996 and sent a message to the fashion world that Tracy was here to stay. A classic example of a woman following her dreams, Tracy’s designs had an ultra feminine look and feel which gave her polished pieces a distinctive look on the runway. The designer has been known for designing outfits of such kind ever since. Her collections of ready to wear and resort wear called ‘Plenty’ and ‘Frock!’ are known for their affordable prices. Plenty by Tracy Reese came out in 1998 which was the designer’s second label. Plenty is all about celebrating the Bohemian free spirit with one of a kind color palettes, fresh prints and details. Tracy’s other collection focuses on everyday wear which make women look effortlessly sexy. The designer’s third label was launched in 2009 and called Tracy Reese Black Label.

The use of an extensive palette of bright colors for textiles, playful Bohemian touches and elaborate graphic patterns makes the designer truly one of a kind while other designers are in a perpetual rat race following the already forecasted colors and trends for the season. In such a situation, Tracy’s bold and bright collection is like a breath of fresh air. All the hip new fashion trends are spotted on the models donning Tracy’s outfits when walking on the runway. For the longest time, Tracy has never failed to make the models look ridiculously pretty. All the models were sent down the runway with subdued eye makeup and soft romantic curls for her fall 2004 collection while her spring 2005 collection was all about pretty peach makeup and sky-high up dos. The models all wore colorful eye makeup and unusual headbands for her fall 2005 collection. Recently, her models were seen walking down the runway wearing oversized geek spectacles with side swept coiffures for the spring 2013 collections. Models set the runways on fire with their temporary tattoos and the cat eye look for the spring 2014 collection.

Tracy has also experimented with shoes and hosiery and even nail polishes in collaboration with Sally Hansen. Specialty stores like Anthropologie, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom proudly sell all of Tracy’s collections. In 2011, Tracy went global with her new shop in Tokyo.

Tracy has a fan following of many stars but she became the talk of the town when the First Lady, Michelle Obama was seen wearing a custom made Tracy Reese outfit for her 2012 DNC Convention Speech.

Tracy Reese available at Detroit is the New Black!

Angela Simmons Shares All the Glamorous Details About Launching Her Debut Lipstick Line

By Laquayle Agurs

Simmons envisions the Lip A.R.T customer as someone as ambitious as herself.


Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons

This article originally appeared on Instyle

Growing up in the spotlight, it's no wonder that Angela Simmons knows how to look gorgeous in every situation. And the 29-year-old daughter of Joseph Simmons, more popularly known as Rev Run, is poised to build a beauty empire based on that knowledge with a just-launched lipstick line worthy of her family’s entrepreneurial legacy. We sat down with the businesswoman to hear more about her innovative Lip A.R.T. collection and learn exactly how to make it our own.

“When I get glammed up, lip is one of my main go-tos, so I thought it would be important to have some colors that I could share with everyone else [and] that I truly enjoy wearing,” Simmons told us of the vision behind her collection 4-piece line of lip shades. The result: Two perfect red hues, a classic nude, and a bold metallic—each designed to be flattering to all skin tones. “Red lipstick makes you feel good. It’s an empowering color for women. Nude is also an easy, go-to color. It’s going to look good with whatever you’re wearing,” she explained of the well-edited color options. As for that gold-tinged metallic, Simmons recommends making it the statement piece in your total look: “Keep [your outfit] simple if you’re doing a metallic lip. All black could never hurt."

Simmons envisions the Lip A.R.T customer as someone as ambitious as herself. “The person who wears Lip A.R.T. is a working girl. She is an entrepreneur,” she said. “I want women my age, younger, and older, to feel good and empowered when they wear my collection.”

Shop the vegan-formulated tubes now for $14 each exclusively at theglamatory.com, or, if you can hold out until December, snap up a holiday gift set featuring all four hues.