Not Your Mother’s Fanny Pack

Most of us remember the fanny pack as a trend in America from the 1980s and 1990s, which had just as many people poking fun at them as there were people actually wearing them. 90’s moms couldn’t resist the fanny pack allure of convenience. Though fanny packs developed a negative reputation since the 90s, they are back in a major way and more chic than ever.

Every few years, a trend creeps into the fashion lexicon via fashion week or a celebrity pushing fashion boundaries. The look re-emerged in Chanel Couture runway FW16, nearly every look went down the runway with a revamped version of the fanny pack. The fanny pack was also featured in a chic pony-hair and suede for Alexander Wang’s FW16 collection as well. 

Many other designers from the likes of Stella McCartney to Gucci to Michael Kors have also gotten in on the revamped trend. Your favorite fast fashion retailers, like H&M, Forever21, and ZARA also offer beautiful and budget friendly versions of the fanny pack. They are being featured in a variety of colors, sizes, and prints to fit any of your style needs. This hands-free style does keep your important belongings close and safe against your body, and gives any look an unexpected punch. There's really nothing not to love.

I totally get it if you are still on the fence about the fanny pack, you don’t want to look like a tourist with bad clothes and wearing socks with sandals. Quite honestly, you have nothing to worry about. The fanny pack has made such a style evolution that it is virtually impossible to not look amazing rocking it. As with any good trend, you have to wear it with confidence.