Top Model Workshop


Top Model Workshop is here and ready to bring the world to Detroit and beyond. Three women within the fashion Industry, Dana Keaton, Brittany Neal and Carla Jones are the inspiration behind Top Model.

TOP MODEL WORKSHOP mission is to educate the fashion community in Metro Detroit by providing online resources, consulting services, training workshops for all areas of the fashion industry.

1. Dana Keaton 2. Brittany Neal 3. Carla Jones

1. Dana Keaton 2. Brittany Neal 3. Carla Jones

Dana Keaton - Master Fashion Design Artist & Educator with over 30+ years of experience in the fashion industry, Dana Keaton is the creative force behind the Dana Keaton Collection and owner of The Fashion Atelier. As a mentor to up and coming designers and aspiring models all over the Detroit Metro area, she provides instruction and guidance to help models brand and market themselves towards success!

Brittany Neal - Commercial Print model, actress and the visionary behind "The B Platform," Brittany Neal is on a mission to provide quality business and model training that will help models understand how to make money in the highly competitive fashion industry.

Carla Jones - Licensed Esthetician, Published Makeup Artist/Groomer and Educator with over 14+ years of experience in the beauty industry, Carla is the owner of Bellissima Skin Artistry. Her makeup/male grooming work has been seen on The Impact and Word Networks, national stage plays "Suicide for Colored Girls When the Rainbow was Not Enuff" and " I Need a Man Stage Play." She also served as one of the groomers for the press junkets and red carpet premiere for the landmark movie "Detroit."

Top Model Workshop offers a wide array of services as well as events to help you successfully compete within the fashion industry..  We are an experienced team of fashion and beauty professionals that have come together to help serve the Detroit fashion community and are committed to helping it an you grow and expand. 

We are also available for fashion brand consulting to help you build your fashion brand and grow your company.  If you are interested in any of our services please contact us and to set up a consultation. 

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