Girl's Night at Inception

Recently, a group of ladies came together at Inception in Farmington Hills for a Girls Night of self pampering and indulging our senses in the various services offered by Inception.

Just what is Inception? Inception represents a dynamic new approach to mind-and-body fitness and wellness. It’s designed specifically for today’s hectic, stress-filled work styles and life styles.

Inception enables you to achieve your wellness goals in the most efficient ways possible.

At Inception, we’ll equip you with state-of-the-art tools and methods that deliver stellar results in amazingly short periods of time.


Inception offers a variety of services to get you operating at the best you possible. 

Depending on your individual needs and objectives, Inception combine proven new technologies and methods that, working in concert, provide you with the optimum overall program.

So what kinds of technologies do they employ? 

  • Flotation Therapy is a zero-gravity experience that enables the mind and body to experience thorough rest and relaxation.
  • NeurOptimal Brain Training is an advanced neuro-feedback system that works with your brain in real time.
  • Magnesphere™ System achieves profound relaxation through extremely low-level electromagnetic fields (EMF).
  • Whole Body Vibration enables you to move and perform with greater power and agility.
Inception Owner, David McCullar and Styling Closet Owner, Latrice Delgado-Macon.   

Inception Owner, David McCullar and Styling Closet Owner, Latrice Delgado-Macon.



Quotes from several of the ladies attending Girl's Night after receiving their various services;

Ariel Morgan: Since girls night out, I feel refreshed and renewed In a sense. Started the evening off with brain training and I ended my night with the salt float. After leaving the brain training, I felt more aware and more alert! That is definitely something I would like to experience again. After the salt float, I felt totally at peace and relaxed. The “weight” (gravity) of the world was literally taken off my shoulders. Fast forward  to today, I still feel super alert, my memory has improved, and I take each step with more confident because I know where I’m going. I truly thank Inception for such a renewing evening.

Alyssa DelTorre: I did the Float Tank It was my first time floating and I was wide awake and my mind raced the first ten minutes and then I turned off the light and removed the noodle from behind my neck. That allowed me to relax into the water and get into a meditative state. I lost track of where my body started and stopped. I felt very relaxed after the treatment. 

How many ways can Inception help you achieve true wellness?

The Inception approach is highly effective for people of all ages and fitness levels. Because the program is so encompassing, Inception can help you:

 • Relieve stress
 • Strengthen your body
 • Alleviate depression
 • Conquer anxiety
 • Overcome trauma
 • Ease chronic pain
 • Improve mental focus
 • Optimize physical performance
 • Alleviate attention-deficit disorder
 • Build muscle tone
 • Develop multi-tasking skills
 • Fuse mental and physical prowess

Result: you can attain the healthy, happy mind and body you want and deserve, no matter how busy your schedule happens to be!

Ready to give Inception a try? 
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