"Fear" by Christian Davis


Christian Davis is a Visual Artist living in Metro Detroit, who's goal is to touch lives and tell the stories that others may avoid or be afraid to tackle. Whether it is Paintings, Film, or Photography his work is created to touch the masses and to be looked at 10-20 years and still be relevant. Unlike most artist, Christian does not post or make art for Social Media Followers, or Social Media Fame. He makes art to tell the story of Black People from his own unique perspective.

This beautiful piece of art work (shown above) is is called "Fear" inspired by what your everyday Black Woman goes through on a daily basis. It could be Fear of not returning home, Fear of being looked over for a promotion you've been working for, Fear of not being accepted in White Society or seen as "Too Black" or just Fear of Being Black in America.  

Currently "Fear" is being Showcased to the public at the Charles Wright Museum at 315. E Warren Detroit, MI 48201 in the Exhibit until Early to Mid April. The exhibit entry fee is $8 for Adults and $5 for Children and viewing hours from 9am-5pm Tuesday-Sunday. Art work ranges from $80-$250.