Unbuttoning Fitted Shirts

In recent weeks, Fashion rebels like Wiz Khalifa and Russell Westbrook have dared to bare their chests. Guys are opting for a barely buttoned printed top with layered gold jewelry, gently tucked in a nice trouser. This look has been around for decades, just like all great styles this look is resurfacing and taking on a new life. The look gives you a level of sophistication with a collared shirt mixed with sex appeal and comfort by not buttoning from collar to hem. If the style choices of these gentlemen aren’t necessarily your cup of tea but you’re still looking to still be on trend, don’t have to go quite so loud with the print, or quite as deep with the unbuttoning. You can go for a solid colored collar shirt and unbutton up to three buttons. This style paired with a pair of lightweight trousers or ankle pants and loafers are sure to keep you looking stylish and cool this summer.