Swimsuits for all!! A must have for summer!!

Hi Guys!! So the warm weather is officially upon us!! I think it's about that time to talk about...SWIMSUITS!! To be honest, I would literally cringe whenever I would hear the word....because I could never find one that would fit me and my curves! Well not anymore!! Fast forward to the Ashley Graham collection, she did a collaboration with swimsuits for all. In a word it's, FABULOUS. The campaign is also very body and age positive which is another thing I love about the collection. 

I just love it!! It's an anything goes swimsuit line, and I just cant get enough.  You can shop sizes from 4-34. This collection does in fact give me life!!  I like the fact that these suits can fit so many sizes and shapes, on top of that they are very sexy! Check them out guys! Happy Summer!!