Joe Faris-Detroit

2008 Joe Faris, a Michigan native made it to the final 6 in season 5 of Project Runway. Faris completed a line of 12 looks and had a show at Bryant Park in New York City. Fast forward to 2017 what is Joe Faris up to lately?

Faris recently opened, "4MEN" in 12 Oaks Mall in Novi, MI. Long before Project Runway Faris had a history in fashion design, working with Pelle Pelle, Bugle Boy, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karen and many more.

When going into 4MEN you can see the love of Detroit all over the store. Many of the items feature the Joe Faris logo of the Lion head holding the brass ring. Seeing what Faris has accomplished since his stint on Project Runway, one could say that indeed Joe has the brass ring and is reaching even further with his designs.

When asked if any designers inspire him, Faris stated that he admires "NIgo from BAPE," and "Jeremy Scott of Moschino. Both designers are on the cutting edge of where fashion is going."

When asked where he sees mens fashion going, Faris replied, "I see the current and upcoming trends toward a more 'casual friday' look. Suits will always be around, but today's younger men want to look stylish and comfortable. As for leather, "Leather will always be around" as well as all forms of denim.

In the fall of 2016 Faris teamed up with Samantha Kandah, Founder and Owner of Sugarbash subscription box. Shirley Strawberry of the Steve Harvey Morning show was so impressed with the subscription box that she now endorses them.,

For the Fall 2016 Sugarbash box, Faris created a rocking crossbody bag. For the current, "Home Sweet Home" subscription box Faris created denim aprons. (The Home Sweet Home box is currently sold out) The aprons were created and manufactured here in Detroit. One apron comes with pink and purple ties and one comes with red and black ties. While the aprons are sold out via Sugarbash, you can purchase them at 4MEN. Still need a gift for Father's Day, stop into 4MEN for one of the denim aprons which are great for grilling or get dad a gift card and let him do his own shopping. *Crossbody bag is no longer available.

Faris works closely with his wife Shannon, not only at the store but on designs. "Joe is the creative one and I work on the business end, stated Shannon. The couple work together very well, they "ebb and flow" if you will. While Joe was doing this interview with The Styling Closet, Shannon was working with photographers, models and designers in the store preparing for a photo shoot. "Shannon is the yay or nay on whether something gets done," stated Faris.

Shannon and Joe Faris.

Shannon and Joe Faris.

So what's next for Joe Faris? Fall 2017 Faris will have space inside of Will Leather Goods Detroit location in midtown. 4120 2nd Ave, Detroit, MI 48201 (313) 309-7892. 

At some point in the near future Faris hopes to bring back, "Fashion In Detroit" A Fashion Production he helped create in 2014. Faris is also working on introducing women's wear into his store. Currently, some of the t-shirts at  4MEN and on the web site do come in mens and ladies.

One thing is for certain Joe Faris is a busy guy. Stop into 4MEN located at 12 Oaks Mall, near Nordstrom's on the 2nd level. (248)513-4769 or shop online

Shannon, Joe and his partner at 4MEN Mike Alpert, and social media director, Harumie

Shannon, Joe and his partner at 4MEN Mike Alpert, and social media director, Harumie