What's Popping For Spring

Spring has finally made it's yearly appearance. However, living in Michigan we are still wearing coats, gloves and on some days boots due to our "lovely" weather.

However, snow squalls aside Spring 2017 is filled with color, variety and FUN. The collections I have been seeing not only on designer runways, but what is out and available in local stores is amazing.

There seems to be a plethora of fashion and accessories for every size and budget. Lets start with jewelry. Statement necklaces are still hot, but now those necklaces are being paired with fun earrings or a statement ring. Also bold gold/chunky earrings and bracelets are coming out  in all colors, shapes and designs.

COLORS: During our first "live" broadcast with Latrice, the question of what colors were hot for spring/summer came up. Usually we see lots of pastels and softer colors during the warmer months. But this season the focus is still on metallics. Metallic shoes, clothing, handbags and more. Also yellow and olive are showing up in fashion palates as well.

Other fashion items that are hot this season, leopard print, all sorts of denim fashions and tie-dye apparel. Now before scoffing about tie-dye fashion, look around and see what's out there. Tie-dye skirts can be paired with a statement tshirt. Tie-dye duster can be thrown over an outfit to totally change your look.

Last but certainly not least denim. Not just jeans or the traditional denim jacket. But denim skirts, shirts, dresses, shoes and even bags are being shown in stores. Not sure what you want, step out of your comfort box and create something. Have several pairs of jeans you don't wear, construct them into a denim skirt or another pair of jeans. You can cut off one leg of a pair of jeans sew up the bottom. Use another piece of fabric to create a strap and wha-la you have a denim tote that cost only your time to make. Decorate it with iron-on patches or draw a design on it.

This spring fashion is colorful and as I said earlier, playful. Get out and enjoy yourself this seeason.

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