Do You Thrift?

What is the one thing that stylists, personal shoppers, and store owners all have in common? They know how to shop. More importantly they know how to shop and get the good stuff at a thrift store.

The Sip & Thrift event took place at Thrift on The Avenue 4130 Cass Ave. Detroit. The panel consisted of April Tincher-Vintage Designer, Latrice Delago-Macon, Stylist, Personal Shopper, Kristina Bowman Smith-Stylist, Marv Neal, Stylist, Personal Shopper, and Rondregus Underwood, Stylist, Model.

The panel gave tips not just on thrifting but what to look for when shopping at a thrift store. Tips such as, if it is a designer brand, look for a label or code of authenticity. Most designers have code or serial numbers in their hand bangs or wallets, such as Coach and Chanel.

If you find a designer piece of jewelry look for the designer's stamp on the item. Or take a chance and have the item appraised at a jewelry store if a designer's stamp or brand cannot be located on a item.

If you have found high end designer item of clothing, look at the stitching, the hems are they straight? are the button holes matching up to the buttons. There are ways to tell if the article of clothing is a legitimate brand or a knock off.

The panel also discussed where the best thrift stores were located. Marv Neal preferred the stores located only on the east side of town. While others on the panel preferred to spread the search out and not limit themselves to one area.

There are gems to be found at any thrift store, you just have to take your time and look. Yes, the Salvation Army is a good start. Also there are smaller thrift stores such as Regeneration that sells quality vintage and designer goods. Also lets not forget Thrift on The Avenue has vintage and designer items daily.

The event was a huge success. Refreshments were provided by Sumptuous Spirits. The atmosphere was set by Jaclyn Turner who owns Sweet Candle Co.

Each of the panelists has their own specialty in the fashion industry so each offered tips and advice on many items whether at a thrift store or at a name brand store in a mall.

  Rondregus Underwood,    April Tincher , and  Lisa Benedict,  Writer/Fashion Editor.

 Rondregus Underwood,  April Tincher, and Lisa Benedict, Writer/Fashion Editor.

Lauren Daniels, Owner-  Sumptuous Spirits , Latrice Delgado-Macon, Owner,  The Styling Closet

Lauren Daniels, Owner- Sumptuous Spirits, Latrice Delgado-Macon, Owner, The Styling Closet