How To Plan A Sober Bachelorette Party For A Bride Who Is In Recovery

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By: Aimee Lyons


Planning a party for someone who is in recovery can prove to be a bit tricky; you want to ensure they’ll have fun while keeping any potential triggers at bay, all while keeping the other people in the group entertained. It’s not an easy task, but if you’re prepared and have a good plan, it is possible.

Keep in mind that the priority is to keep the bride happy and comfortable, since this is her day. Think outside the box; a bachelorette party doesn’t have to include alcohol to be fun, and it doesn’t have to take place at night. You can invite everyone to a daytime picnic, or go to a spa for a day of relaxation. Think about what the bride-to-be might like to do and go from there.


Here are some of the best tips on planning a sober bachelorette party.


Keep it local


If the guests are mostly locals, look for an event that will take place in town rather than having a destination party. While these are fun, they often include alcohol, and the bride may feel uncomfortable in a strange place, which can be a trigger for substance abuse. Help everyone feel at ease by choosing a location that’s centralized.


Consider a night in


Bachelorette parties don’t have to take place in a fancy restaurant or bar; plan on having a night in with the girls and buy all the supplies needed to get crafty with sleep masks or personalized tumblers, or put together a hilarious 80’s themed costume party. Make it a sleepover and have plenty of snacks and movies, and ask everyone to bring a sleeping bag. These kinds of parties may not involve fancy limos or expensive food, but often, they’re the most memorable.


Get out in nature


If everyone in the group is agreeable, plan a trip out in nature where everyone can enjoy the scenery and have some bonding time. Set up a camping expedition, or head to a local state park and enjoy the swimming, hiking, and/or rafting. Just make sure everyone is clear on the rules of safety beforehand and that they’re all comfortable with the activities you have planned; you don’t want to alienate one or two people during what is supposed to be a fun event.


Have a picnic


Instead of having an expensive dinner at a restaurant--where there will likely be a bar or drink options that might be difficult for your bride to resist--head to a beautiful outdoor spot and set up a picnic, complete with lemonade and yummy food.


Have a spa day


Give your friends a relaxing afternoon at a local spa, where you can get your nails done, get a new haircut, have a massage, and forget about your worries. This is a great way to allow the bride time for herself before the big day so she’ll be pampered and well-rested.


Remember that certain places, games, and people can possibly be triggers of substance abuse for the bride, so be very careful about booking anything and make sure you get her okay first. Double-check the guest list and make sure there will only be people there that she wants to spend time with. For more tips on how to plan a sober party, check out this handy guide.


Planning a bachelorette party can be overwhelming, so reach out for help from someone else in the party if you feel yourself getting stressed. This day should be fun for you, too, so don’t forget to relax and have a good time!