"IF I MUST" Exhibit by Boswell Hardwick

"IF I MUST" is a photo exhibit by photographer Boswell Hardwick. Boswell teamed with luxury retailer Neiman Marcus-Somerset Collection to not only show case his iconic photos of Paris but to let Neiman's juxtapose the photographs with models showing the latest in Parisian couture.


Introduction - Boswell Hardwick:  "The images are from archives that go back about 6 years - I have been printing and selling my Parisian images to a couple interior designers and collectors for about 2 years.  I met the owners of Robert Kidd Gallery at an artist reception right after returning from a trip to Paris last spring where I did a shoot for designers Majesty Black. I  showed them some of the images on my phone.  They were pretty excited and after a couple more meetings we decided to partner to do an exhibition at their Gallery in Birmingham.

I have a long relationship with Neiman Marcus so I reached out to them to see if we could do something together.  They were very excited so the second exhibition was born in a 6 week span. It i so great to have the support of a luxury retailer and a solid gallery.

My favorite thing about the Paris images is the gritty realness and the modernity - I will not shy away from cars, people or construction. I have an image of the Louvre and you can see the vapor trails in the sky - that gives it away as a modern moment - otherwise the image could have been captured 150 years ago-  I also work with window reflections, the amount of detail and depth one can achieve is pretty incredible."

For inquiries on the photos you can contact Boswell via email: boswellcreativeinc@mac.com