Spring Time Florals!



Hi Guys! Happy Wednesday, and happy Spring!! So lets dive right in! I have spoken about how I am very heavy chested before and if I wear an actual blouse it makes me look heavier than I am because the silhouette "poofs" out a bit more. Which I of course hate.  So I do wear a ton of body suits, and form fit tops. I feel that they do better with my shape. So when I find a blouse that is super fabulous and fits me well I jump on it. And this IS THE BLOUSE from Fly Behavior.  


This top gives me so much inspo! Check out the website to see how the blouse it styled on her site, I styled it with the bow just hanging down and open. This top is def spring ready!

Till next time!



Fashion X Philanthropy

 Jennifer Granger and Amanda Fisher

Jennifer Granger and Amanda Fisher

Jennifer Granger and Amanda Fisher are giving back by teaming fashion with giving. "The synergy between fashion and the philanthropic sector is starting to grow. At FxP, we are riding the wave of that momentum and want to spotlight that excitement on our beloved Motor City."

Fashion X Philanthropy partnered with Saks Fifth Avenue and The Music Hall to showcase the fashions of the season. All fashions shown are available from Saks Fifth Avenue Somerset Collection.


WRIP-Fashion Showcase


WRIP stands for Women Renewed in Power Resource Center. The WRIP works to help women who have been hurt by domestic violence, homelessness or other life situations. WRIP believes in  "Education, Empowerment and Embracing women through caring and supportive measures."

WRIP recently had their 2nd annual fashion showcase at the Dearborn Performing Arts Center. The goal of the evening was to present fashions, but to also make the public aware of the center and to let these strong women who have benefited from WRIP's  resources a chance to let their hair down and strut their stuff on the runway.

Fashions included daytime, evening and even a fur segment presented by Silver Fox Furs of Detroit

The fashions were provided by local designers. In some aspects the designers met directly with a client of WRIP and then created a design specifically for that individual to wear on the runway.

"Teamwork makes the dream work" if you would like to know more about WRIP and the services they offer, www.wripresourcecenter.org


My all time Favorite... SKIRT!!!


HI Guys!! Hope you guys are having an amazing week! So I wanted to share with you my seriously all time favorite skirt. It's Proenza Schouler and it is such a beautiful piece, every time I put it on it makes me feel so fabulous, and the fabric feels amazing. 

I love the structure of the skirt, I love that you can style it so many different ways. I have worn it with combat boots and a bodysuit, or you can wear it with sneakers and a long sweater for a completely different look as well!! If you haven't had the pleasure of taking a look, please visit the site and take a look at the stunning pieces from Proenza Schouler


Till Next time!



"Fear" by Christian Davis


Christian Davis is a Visual Artist living in Metro Detroit, who's goal is to touch lives and tell the stories that others may avoid or be afraid to tackle. Whether it is Paintings, Film, or Photography his work is created to touch the masses and to be looked at 10-20 years and still be relevant. Unlike most artist, Christian does not post or make art for Social Media Followers, or Social Media Fame. He makes art to tell the story of Black People from his own unique perspective.

This beautiful piece of art work (shown above) is is called "Fear" inspired by what your everyday Black Woman goes through on a daily basis. It could be Fear of not returning home, Fear of being looked over for a promotion you've been working for, Fear of not being accepted in White Society or seen as "Too Black" or just Fear of Being Black in America.  

Currently "Fear" is being Showcased to the public at the Charles Wright Museum at 315. E Warren Detroit, MI 48201 in the Exhibit until Early to Mid April. The exhibit entry fee is $8 for Adults and $5 for Children and viewing hours from 9am-5pm Tuesday-Sunday. Art work ranges from $80-$250.


The Craziest Looks at New York Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2018

                                                                       Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Christian Cowan

                                                                      Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Christian Cowan



To be honest: Ready-to-wear isn't always wearable.

If fashion depicts art and self-expression, sometimes abstract, just-plain crazy pieces will show at New York Fashion Week- and that's exactly how it should be. If everything always looked pretty and conventional, nothing would push the boundaries of fashion; nothing would evolve. Not to mention, style is all about making statements.

We may not always get it, but we can respect the bold, out-of-the box thinking. Lucky for us, there were a crop of desingers and brands who did just that at NYFW. From futuristic skirts at Jeremy Scott to body paint at Domingo Zapata (and red alert: a baby on the runway!), there were so many weird, crazy moments on the runway you have to see.

                                                                                                         E! News Red Alert

                                                                                                       E! News Red Alert



Keep scrolling to relive all the show-stopping looks from New York Fashion Week.



                                                                                                               Arun Nevader/Getty Images

                                                                                                              Arun Nevader/Getty Images

Kim Tiziana Rottumuller

Taking knitwear to a whole new level.



                                                                                                              Michael Stewart/WireImage

                                                                                                             Michael Stewart/WireImage

Jeremy Scott

Is that Grace Smith in and out-of-this-world, futuristic skirt or Judy Jetson?



                                                                                                                             JP Yim/Getty Images

                                                                                                                            JP Yim/Getty Images

Collina Strada

Guys, there's a baby on the runway. Swoon!



                                                                                                                            JP Yim/Getty Images

                                                                                                                           JP Yim/Getty Images


Fashion is made for statements, political or otherwise.



                                                                                               Noam Galai/Getty Images for Chromat

                                                                                              Noam Galai/Getty Images for Chromat


This jumper is made for the bold!



                                                                           Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Christian Cowan

                                                                          Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Christian Cowan

Christian Cowan

Please welcome: the new-age puffer coat.



                                                                                                            Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

                                                                                                           Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Adam Selman

The retro bodysuit plus the extra-high over-the-knee boots plus the electric-blue eye shadow? This model looks like a high-fashion Teenage Ninja Turtle- ad we're loving it.



                                                                                                                    Noam Galai/Getty Images

                                                                                                                   Noam Galai/Getty Images

Ka Wa Key

What's weirder: The fact that the model is walking sans shoes, there are knitted sweater draped over her in every way or her sheer cropped pants are actually quite ethereal.


Which look did you like best?

Best Runway Looks From New Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2018

                                                                                                          FRAZER HARRISON/GETTY IMAGES

                                                                                                         FRAZER HARRISON/GETTY IMAGES



Stretch that index finger- because you'll want to bookmark everything ahead.

New York Fashion Week has just commenced, which means plenty of awe-inducing, aspirational looks will follow in the next few days. While you'll have to wait until fall-winter 2018 to actually shop the pieces showing at Ulla Johnson, Tom Ford, Kate Spade New York and more, you can always pin your favorite looks now for reference.

Sifting through all the looks can be overwhelming (there are 162 shows, presentations and appointments, after all.) Luckily, we did the work for you, rounding up the best looks to grace the catwalk or stage. You'll find sheer blouses bespeckled with gold at Noon by Noor, a lesson in layering at Creatures of Comfort and plenty of ideas from the menswear shows.

We'll be updating this gallery all week long with our favorite looks, but for now, click on to see the best looks from NYFW so far!


NYFW 1.jpg



The second annual RAW Enspired Runway Fashion Show is a fabulous event organized by the students attending the University of Michigan. Each year a non-profit organization is selected by those students to support a community-based organization. This year the charity of choice is the Ozone House- a non-profit agency that helps young people lead safe, healthy, and productive lives through intensive intervention and prevention services.


The RAW Enspired Runway Fashion show was held on Saturday January 27th at the Biomedical Science Research Building in Ann Arbor, Mi 48108. The entire building was encompassed with a diverse mix of men and women fashionistas!



The collections consisted of four stores and local designers. The runway looks showcased a mix of street wear, social and date night looks along with suitable professional attire. The local designers are: Soreem, Danity Things, PAC by Vince, and Emmy Zaatar. The following stores contributed and supported the RAW enspired runway event: Lord and Taylor, Urban Outfitters, Bivouac, and Chi Chi Wigs.


 [photo: Raw Enspired Runway Executive Board Members.]

[photo: Raw Enspired Runway Executive Board Members.]

The Executive Board embodies a group of talented students attending the University of Michigan: Vivian Obia, Ian Gardner, Mara Moldocan, Derrell Chapman, Alexa Orlandea, Dorlean Slaughter, Daijah Hills, Davida Lee, Anders Barzdukas, Michael Levesque, Julia Calma, Skylar Wilkes, Noelle Broussard, Kikel Sekoni, Eboni Sawyer, Destane Turner, Asia Green, Amily Yang and Khalil Wilson.

Thanks to supportive sponsors: Red Bull, California Pizza Kitchen, L'Occitane, Jerk x Jallof, Bravo! Cucina Italiana, Airtime, Mary Kay, Cool Club Clothing, Pastry Tapestry and Tea, Alley and Eye, Merit, DaO, The M Den and Chi Chi Beauty for contributing to the RAW enspired runway event.


Winter Fashions by BLANK ITTI BLANK

 Full faux fur coat by Designer Leslie Pilling 

Full faux fur coat by Designer Leslie Pilling 

When winter graces Detroit, it rarely comes on light a note. Winter comes in with a roar of winds, snow and below zero temperatures.

Don't worry you can still be warm, cozy and oh so stylish in the winter fashion collection by Detroit Designer, Leslie Pilling for her brand BLANk ITTI BLANK. https://www.blankittiblank.com/


Leslie had an intimate showing of her winter weather necessities at Orleans and Winder 2501 Russell St #200, Detroit, MI 48207. I am happy to say that all the pieces in the collections are a necessity. From the extraordinarily soft faux fur coat to the faux fur arm cuffs, head wrap and muff.


 Warm and stylish looks from BLANK ITTI BLANK; pillows, fur cuffs, head wrap, muffs.

Warm and stylish looks from BLANK ITTI BLANK; pillows, fur cuffs, head wrap, muffs.




While the items are faux fur you can see that they do not add pounds of bulk to your figure. The pieces are lightweight enough to wear anywhere for a length of time. I enjoyed wearing the faux fur arm cuffs. I enjoy wearing a cape usually my arms/wrists are exposed. Wearing fur cuffs from BLANK ITTI BLANK solves that issue for me.

 Erin Wetzel, Owner Orleans & Winder and Designer Leslie Pilling.

Erin Wetzel, Owner Orleans & Winder and Designer Leslie Pilling.



 Leslie had a few of  her other pieces from the collection.

 The black cage dress on the right. Simply a work of art each time you wear it.

The black cage dress on the right. Simply a work of art each time you wear it.

 Leather bags and bag packs made by Leslie for the BLANK ITTI BLANK collection,

 Leather bags and bag packs made by Leslie for the BLANK ITTI BLANK collection,

Leather bags and bag packs made by Leslie for the BLANK ITTI BLANK collection,












Dapper Dan X Gucci's Historical Boutique Is Officially Open For Business

 Dapper Dan

Dapper Dan

A sign of the times. For the first time in history, a major luxury brand store has opened in Harlem: @Gucci by Dapper Dan. With made-to-order garments for your taste and in your specific measurements, I will create your design from your mind, or come up with a design for you. I’ll also have limited edition ready-to-wear items and accessories available for purchase, by appointment only.

Bruno Mars and Cardi B Release New Remix for "Finesse"


January 03, 2018 11:37 PM

Bruno Mars and Cardi B are swinging full force into 2018.

The five-time Grammy winner and the rapper, 25, released their first collaboration together, titled “Finesse,” 30 minutes ahead of its midnight release on Thursday. Originally released on Mars’ 2016 album, 24K Magic, the song — co-written and produced by the Stereotypes — has a new jack-swing inspired beat and plenty of drums.

The music video also debuts Fresh Prince of Bel-Air-inspired themes, with both stars in colorful gear and boasting paint brushes as they dance in a ’90s-set with cement floors.

Mars, 32, released the artwork for the song on Instagram Wednesday, writing, “Start your 2018 with Big Bronx Boogie Herself @iamcardib and me Midnight Tonight EST #Finesse.”

2018 Self-Improvement Ideas You Actually Want to Do


Image via Pixabay

Story written by: Paige Johnson


We can all agree that New Year’s Resolutions are a sham, right? Last year, Business Insider reported that 80% of those goals we start on January 1st are failed and forgotten about by February. Perhaps that’s why many of us have quit making these resolutions altogether.


Instead of coming up with some abstract goal that’s supposed to make your entire existence worthwhile in 2018, why not make some concrete steps toward self improvement? The trick is finding things that you actually want to do, rather than focusing on what you want to change about yourself.


Here are some ways to shift your mindset regarding self-improvement:


  • Instead of thinking “I want to lose 10 lbs,” take the plunge and join that gym or fitness class your friend is constantly raving about and start going together as a way to spend time together.

  • Rather than wishing for a Pinterest-worthy closet, embrace your minimalist wardrobe and commit this year to finally upgrading your favorite pieces and curating a capsule wardrobe.

  • Stop stressing about whether or not your life is up to par and instead commit to feeling better about yourself by scheduling a facial or massage.


Want some more ideas? Check out a few of our favorite non-resolution self improvement ideas for 2018.


Spend More on Experiences, Less on Things

Instead of resolving to be more of a spendthrift, shift your money’s focus from temporary things towards experiences that you can carry with you forever.


Saving money feels like a chore. Plus, all it takes is one impulsive day and those few dollars a week you’ve been stashing is gone. Rather than committing yourself to squirreling away cash, make a concerted effort to spend less on things and instead invest in traveling, concerts, dinners with friends, and other experiences that make you happier.


Quit Comparing Yourself to Others

The whole idea behind New Year’s Resolutions is that if you are dissatisfied with some aspect of your life, the new year is a great time to make a concerted effort to change that aspect. Rather than focusing on what is wrong this year, learn to refocus and stop comparing yourself to others. Social comparison has us chasing an unattainable idea of perfection. When you inevitably fail to reach that unattainable level, you feel worse for wear even though you set yourself up for failure from the get go.


Instead of striving to be as rich as the hypothetical “him” or as skinny as the hypothetical “her,” start catching yourself every time you want to compare your life to another person’s. Remind yourself that everybody’s path and privileges are different, and you never know another person’s entire story. When you stop comparing yourself, you end up feeling happier, being more proactive towards doing the things you love, and having more quality relationships with the people in your life.


Give Back When You Can

You don’t have to commit to a year of volunteering with a local nonprofit to give back. Simply ask yourself in any given moment if you have something to give, and do so if you do. Not only will you be putting more positive energy in the world, but you’ll also be creating a less stressful, more harmonious life for yourself. Sometimes, being able to give back allows us to see that our own lives aren’t as stressful as we once thought. Putting things into perspective — and helping someone else out in the process — can be a wonderful way to push the stress and anxiety away and focus on the good things in your life.




New Year’s Resolutions basically set yourself up for failure. Instead of coming up with some goal, actually improve your life by making concrete changes and committing yourself to simple lifestyle changes that actually make you happier. Instead of thinking things like “I want to lose 10 lbs by summer,” make the decision to spend more time with friends while reaping the benefits of a workout together. Other ideas include shifting your spending habits from things to experiences, quitting social comparison, and helping others when you can. By changing your mindset regarding self-improvement in 2018, you can make actual positive changes that make your life better in the New Year.





SourceFORMATION: Fashion Design Dare Reveal

 Designers, Lynette Halalay, Feyrouz Ashoura and Mandisa Smith.

Designers, Lynette Halalay, Feyrouz Ashoura and Mandisa Smith.

 MM-O-DD is a Detroit based non-profit that held it's First Annual International Fashion Design Dare Challenge at the Detroit Center for Design and Technology. The show featured local Detroit designers, Lynette Halalay of Knit Sew  Fabulous,  https://www.facebook.com/Knit.Sew.Fabulous/, Mandisa Smith of Detroit Fiberworks, http://www.detroitfiberworks.com/ and international designer Feyrouz Ashoura from Luxembourg, https://www.facebook.com/feyrouzashoura/. The collections in the show speak to each of the designers strength in their individual esthetic.

Leslie Ann Pilling MM-O-DD Founder and President, is striving to educate and show the world that fashion and design is very attainable, wearable and yes sustainable, "Our mission is emphasizing the Design Industry to all ages".

For more information on MM-O-DD, https://www.MM-O-DD.org

 Leslie Ann Pilling, Founder and President of MM-O-DD and Benzy Deriveau.

Leslie Ann Pilling, Founder and President of MM-O-DD and Benzy Deriveau.


Now Trending....VELVET

Hi Guys!! We are officially in full speed holiday season, and I LOVE it!! Another thing I love that is trending everywhere is velvet. It's back and better than ever. In a top, a pant, a skirt, jacket, I love styling all of it. This jacket for example by Fly behavior is a prime example of how amazing this trend is. The velvet is the perfect addition to any outfit and I think if done properly can stop the show. 

Go check out Fly behavior for more fly pieces!! Let's trend in velvet!!

Till next time!





Buying Your First Home


Buying your own house continues to be the best path to financial security for most people. And there are arguments for buying your first home before you are thirty. You build equity sooner, you pay it off sooner, and you avoid throwing money away on rental property that may or may not be well maintained by the owner. Couples who are about to be married should definitely think of buying a home.


Buying your first home can be both exciting and scary. Here are some tips for buying wisely and moving in without arguments.


Have the down payment lined up


If you don’t have twenty percent of your purchase price, you are probably not ready to buy. Lenders have learned their lessons from the foreclosure crisis, and lending is a lot more cautious than it was ten years ago.


Some young couples get a down payment from their parents as a wedding gift. This is one of the best things a parent can do, so don’t be proud. Accept that kind offer.


Become an expert in the neighborhood you want


From an investment point of view, the best neighborhood is one that is up and coming. These “transitional” neighborhoods are often the “cool” neighborhoods where young people live.


Compare the number of recent sales and the number of houses currently on the market in the neighborhood you like. These numbers should come close to matching or the sales should outstrip the inventory. If there are thirty homes for sale and only three recent sales, take a pass on that neighborhood.


There is also no substitute for taking a lot of walks around the neighborhood you are interested in. While you are walking, take note of how many boarded up or abandoned houses there are, if any. Also note the number of for sale signs. Too many is not a good indicator. Look for repairs and renovations. A neighborhood where people are remodeling and maintaining their homes is a better investment.


Most real estate websites have crime maps. Consult these maps to determine if the neighborhood you like is really safe. If it’s not, that will negatively affect the resale value of your home. Experts also think that you should buy in a neighborhood that has a chain coffee shop.


Rein in your agent


It is true that having a real estate agent is an asset, especially when it comes to the paperwork and closing. However, agents can be very pushy, so you need to be able to tell your agent no. If an agent pressures you to make a higher offer than you think is wise, you need to just say no. If he recommends a house you don’t like, just say no. Keep in mind that agents are good at sales; they don’t necessarily know the real estate market better than you.


There’s no need to bring in an agent until you have done your research, picked a neighborhood, and possibly even the house you want. Your agent will be very nosey about how you plan to pay for the house. Unless you have enough cash to make an outright purchase, it’s a good idea to get mortgage pre-approval from a bank in the early stages of house hunting.


Should you buy a foreclosed house?


A foreclosed home can be a good value if you do your homework. Consider the neighborhood. If it is an established neighborhood or an up and coming one, this purchase could be a good investment, especially if you have the energy to paint, caulk, and tile yourself. For HUD homes, go to www.hudhomestore.com.


Make move in a breeze


Both bride and groom should notify their banks, post office, doctors’ offices, debtors, and magazine publishers about the new address. If you are leaving apartments, be sure to give your landlord thirty days notice of your move, and clean carefully. You will need that security deposit for unforeseen expenses relating to home purchase.


Consider hiring a mover and even packers if you can afford it. There are a number of local services that provide a couple strong men and a truck for short moves. This may cost less than you think, possibly less than $500 if you play your cards right. And it will take a lot of stress and conflict out of your brand-new marriage. 


Whether you’re moving into a luxury home or a cozy cottage, a home purchase may well be the best financial decision you ever make. If you buy a home you can afford and you love living in it, it will be a good investment, no matter what.


Photo courtesy of Pixabay.








Make a statement with Statment earrings!!


Hi Guys!! So I am in love with the new earring, the statement earring. Well they are not new, they have been around from the 80's and are of course coming back. I am seeing them everywhere and on every 'it' girl. It adds a pop to any outfit and I think we will be seeing alot more this holiday season. Take a look at some of my favorites!! Will you be joining me with making a statement this season?

I am totally in love with these Alexander McQueen earrings. These are on my dream wish list! They are so pretty and a tad bit rocker with the black accent to them. These I found on Saks, and they have so many more!

I also found some budget friendly options below as well check them out!

These are simply incredible! They are by Anisha Parmar London be sure to check out this entire site, as you don't want to miss these pieces!

I found these on polvore, they are by Mignonne Gavigan. They are beautiful!! Check out polyvore to see more options as they do list great finds at the perfect price!

These last pair of statement earrings are great to have for a pair of clip on's. For less than $30.00 they are perfect if you are just wanting to try the trend! Check them out at Mimi Boutique!

Till next time!





Get to know Alimi Ballard.

By: Latrice Delgado-Macon

 Alimi Ballard

Alimi Ballard

 Alimi ("Ali - Me") can be seen as Dr. Robert Dubois on the acclaimed original drama series QUEEN SUGAR from Academy Award-nominated filmmaker creator/executive producer Ava DuVernay and executive producer Oprah Winfrey on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

Q & A with Queen Sugar’s Alimi Ballard!

(Q): Tell me three unknown facts about yourself? 

(A): My favorite color is Orange. First book that changed my life was ManChild in the Promised Land, by Claude Brown. As a young child I wanted to be both Jamaican and Chinese....at the same time. ( FYI: I grew up surround by saturday afternoon Kung-Fu theater on the TV and Bob Marley blasting out of every speaker in the neighborhood :)

(Q): What role do you play on the new hot series “Queen Sugar”?

(A): I play the role Dr. Robert DuBois

(Q): Who is your character? What should we know about your Character? Where are you from??

(A):  Robert DuBois is an Epidemiologist and works for the Center for American Progress in Atlanta. ( translation: He's a brotha with a few PhD's ) He meets Nova at conference discussing Mass Incarceration being moderated by Dr. Jelani Cobb. You should know that DuBois is passionate and LOVES his PEOPLE....and he's just fallen in love with an Incredible woman named Nova Bordelon.  3. I ( Alimi ) am from New York City.

(Q): Do you ever go back home to visit?

(A): I visit NYC at least 3 times a year. Mom, sisters, and the entire fam are New Yorkers for life. So I'll always be in NYC!

(Q): Queen Sugar is a HIT! How has it affected your private life?

(A): It has mostly affected my life professionally. The Respect that Queen Sugar wields in the artistic community is stunning. EVERY SINGLE director, casting directors, fellow actors....they all are TAKEN by it's Power, Impact, and Beauty. That is a wonderful thing to experience first hand. It's a great feeling :)

(Q): What is it like working with award winning director “Ava DuVernay?? What projects are you presently working on?

(A): Working with Ava is simply a DREAM come to life. PERIOD. My esteem for what she is doing as an Artist and as a HUMAN is profound. When I got the role, I was most excited about the opportunity to ADD to the larger conversation of moving our Country and World forward that she seems to imbue in nearly ALL of her work. Nuff Respect. 

(A): You can see me next on CBS's drama ELEMENTARY as NNSA Agent Kohler. 


(Q): How do you balance your work and private lives?

(A): I have two beautiful children, 12 & 10, and a truly Amazing Wife. My work supports my life. That's the balance :)

(Q): What is your dream project?

(A): It's 4500BC, we're in North Africa, we're in the midst of building KHUFU's great Pyramid of GIZA, and his crazy fool of a uncle is trying making a run on the Throne. We get out the weapons...it's time to get things POPPIN!! 250 MILLION DOLLAR budget. Dream Project :)

(Q): What advice would you give your younger Self?

(A): Two things. 1. "It always seems Impossible....until it's DONE." - Nelson Mandela 2. "We Rise By Lifting Others." - unknown

(Q): What have you learned about yourself since you became a celebrity?

(A): I've learned that it's tenacity that gets it done. FOCUS! PERSEVERANCE! There simply is NO substitute. Even if you get to where you want, to be by some stroke of luck, you won't be able to STAY THERE without perseverance. It'll fade. It'll slip away. You must be INTENTIONAL :)

(Q): What things in life are still a mystery to you?

(A): Bland Sweet Potato Pie. HOW? Hoooooow? It's SWEET POTATO PIE. There should be law against that. Just sayin :)  

(Q): If you could ask a sage any question that you want to know the answer to, what would you ask?


(Q): What things in your life would you give up in an instant if it got you to an even better place than you are now?

(A): Cursing and Chocolate Chip Cookies. I loooooooooove them both DEARLY. But, I'd part ways if there was a guarantee of a better place. Maybe not the cursing. I'm a New Yorker at heart. Hahahahahahaaa..

(Q): Where can your fans find you? (Social Media platforms you are on)? 

Twitter: @AlimiBallard Instagram: @AlimiBallard FaceBook: www.FaceBook.com/AlimiBallardFamPage

Fall Jacket Love!!!

HI Guys!! So I have some exciting news!! I am now a personal shopper at Saks Fifth Ave!! Such a beautiful amazing store and I literally get to go to work everyday and play!! Saks has such great jackets, along with everything else!! I gathered a little list of fabulous fall jackets that I am loving!!  I have to start out with this Fendi jackst becuase it is amazing and it is for sure on my wish list! The detail on this jacket is so special!! I can also see this styled with a pair of high waisted denim , turtle neck, and a pair of heeled combat boots and you are good to go. 


I did a post about this jacket last year, I think its such a great piece I thought I would bring it back in the mix! I love a good utility jacket, they are a really good basic to have in your closet because they truly do go with everything. 

Here is a great utility jacket from Saks!! How cute are these sleeves??? I cant believe it's under $200 with that sleeve detail!

This oversized faux fur jacket from Zara is fabu!! You can totally pair it with so many things and just like very put together and out the door in a sec! I am totally into how they style this with a belt as well.

I am also into a great distressed denim jacket, and of course Zara does it perfectly.  Take a look at the selction they have because you k now you will always get a goodie there!! Hurry though because it already feels like winter!!

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Esoteric Lifestyle Fall/Winter


The Esoteric Lifestyle brand is back for Fall/Winter '17.  The street wear essential brand enters its 7th season with new looks and design patterns on comfortable pieces that adapt perfectly with the shift of the weather as the holiday season swiftly approaches.  Esoteric remains married to its core values of Quality and Creativity with this seasons addition to new color schemes on familiar apparel such as mild weather Jackets, 5 Panel Caps, Beanie Knit Caps, thick cotton Crewneck Sweatshirts and brand NEW Home Collection Accessories to provide both comfort and maximum street style appeal. Shop & view exclusive Esoteric Lifestyle pieces in the Shop page of The Styling Closet. View more of the brands images and lookbooks on Instagram @esotericlifestyle.

Watch Cap Beanie Orange
Camo 5 panel
Custom Home Collection Pillows
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