Make a statement with Statment earrings!!


Hi Guys!! So I am in love with the new earring, the statement earring. Well they are not new, they have been around from the 80's and are of course coming back. I am seeing them everywhere and on every 'it' girl. It adds a pop to any outfit and I think we will be seeing alot more this holiday season. Take a look at some of my favorites!! Will you be joining me with making a statement this season?

I am totally in love with these Alexander McQueen earrings. These are on my dream wish list! They are so pretty and a tad bit rocker with the black accent to them. These I found on Saks, and they have so many more!

I also found some budget friendly options below as well check them out!

These are simply incredible! They are by Anisha Parmar London be sure to check out this entire site, as you don't want to miss these pieces!

I found these on polvore, they are by Mignonne Gavigan. They are beautiful!! Check out polyvore to see more options as they do list great finds at the perfect price!

These last pair of statement earrings are great to have for a pair of clip on's. For less than $30.00 they are perfect if you are just wanting to try the trend! Check them out at Mimi Boutique!

Till next time!





Get to know Alimi Ballard.

By: Latrice Delgado-Macon

Alimi Ballard

Alimi Ballard

 Alimi ("Ali - Me") can be seen as Dr. Robert Dubois on the acclaimed original drama series QUEEN SUGAR from Academy Award-nominated filmmaker creator/executive producer Ava DuVernay and executive producer Oprah Winfrey on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

Q & A with Queen Sugar’s Alimi Ballard!

(Q): Tell me three unknown facts about yourself? 

(A): My favorite color is Orange. First book that changed my life was ManChild in the Promised Land, by Claude Brown. As a young child I wanted to be both Jamaican and the same time. ( FYI: I grew up surround by saturday afternoon Kung-Fu theater on the TV and Bob Marley blasting out of every speaker in the neighborhood :)

(Q): What role do you play on the new hot series “Queen Sugar”?

(A): I play the role Dr. Robert DuBois

(Q): Who is your character? What should we know about your Character? Where are you from??

(A):  Robert DuBois is an Epidemiologist and works for the Center for American Progress in Atlanta. ( translation: He's a brotha with a few PhD's ) He meets Nova at conference discussing Mass Incarceration being moderated by Dr. Jelani Cobb. You should know that DuBois is passionate and LOVES his PEOPLE....and he's just fallen in love with an Incredible woman named Nova Bordelon.  3. I ( Alimi ) am from New York City.

(Q): Do you ever go back home to visit?

(A): I visit NYC at least 3 times a year. Mom, sisters, and the entire fam are New Yorkers for life. So I'll always be in NYC!

(Q): Queen Sugar is a HIT! How has it affected your private life?

(A): It has mostly affected my life professionally. The Respect that Queen Sugar wields in the artistic community is stunning. EVERY SINGLE director, casting directors, fellow actors....they all are TAKEN by it's Power, Impact, and Beauty. That is a wonderful thing to experience first hand. It's a great feeling :)

(Q): What is it like working with award winning director “Ava DuVernay?? What projects are you presently working on?

(A): Working with Ava is simply a DREAM come to life. PERIOD. My esteem for what she is doing as an Artist and as a HUMAN is profound. When I got the role, I was most excited about the opportunity to ADD to the larger conversation of moving our Country and World forward that she seems to imbue in nearly ALL of her work. Nuff Respect. 

(A): You can see me next on CBS's drama ELEMENTARY as NNSA Agent Kohler. 


(Q): How do you balance your work and private lives?

(A): I have two beautiful children, 12 & 10, and a truly Amazing Wife. My work supports my life. That's the balance :)

(Q): What is your dream project?

(A): It's 4500BC, we're in North Africa, we're in the midst of building KHUFU's great Pyramid of GIZA, and his crazy fool of a uncle is trying making a run on the Throne. We get out the's time to get things POPPIN!! 250 MILLION DOLLAR budget. Dream Project :)

(Q): What advice would you give your younger Self?

(A): Two things. 1. "It always seems Impossible....until it's DONE." - Nelson Mandela 2. "We Rise By Lifting Others." - unknown

(Q): What have you learned about yourself since you became a celebrity?

(A): I've learned that it's tenacity that gets it done. FOCUS! PERSEVERANCE! There simply is NO substitute. Even if you get to where you want, to be by some stroke of luck, you won't be able to STAY THERE without perseverance. It'll fade. It'll slip away. You must be INTENTIONAL :)

(Q): What things in life are still a mystery to you?

(A): Bland Sweet Potato Pie. HOW? Hoooooow? It's SWEET POTATO PIE. There should be law against that. Just sayin :)  

(Q): If you could ask a sage any question that you want to know the answer to, what would you ask?


(Q): What things in your life would you give up in an instant if it got you to an even better place than you are now?

(A): Cursing and Chocolate Chip Cookies. I loooooooooove them both DEARLY. But, I'd part ways if there was a guarantee of a better place. Maybe not the cursing. I'm a New Yorker at heart. Hahahahahahaaa..

(Q): Where can your fans find you? (Social Media platforms you are on)? 

Twitter: @AlimiBallard Instagram: @AlimiBallard FaceBook:

Fall Jacket Love!!!

HI Guys!! So I have some exciting news!! I am now a personal shopper at Saks Fifth Ave!! Such a beautiful amazing store and I literally get to go to work everyday and play!! Saks has such great jackets, along with everything else!! I gathered a little list of fabulous fall jackets that I am loving!!  I have to start out with this Fendi jackst becuase it is amazing and it is for sure on my wish list! The detail on this jacket is so special!! I can also see this styled with a pair of high waisted denim , turtle neck, and a pair of heeled combat boots and you are good to go. 


I did a post about this jacket last year, I think its such a great piece I thought I would bring it back in the mix! I love a good utility jacket, they are a really good basic to have in your closet because they truly do go with everything. 

Here is a great utility jacket from Saks!! How cute are these sleeves??? I cant believe it's under $200 with that sleeve detail!

This oversized faux fur jacket from Zara is fabu!! You can totally pair it with so many things and just like very put together and out the door in a sec! I am totally into how they style this with a belt as well.

I am also into a great distressed denim jacket, and of course Zara does it perfectly.  Take a look at the selction they have because you k now you will always get a goodie there!! Hurry though because it already feels like winter!!

Till next time!





Esoteric Lifestyle Fall/Winter


The Esoteric Lifestyle brand is back for Fall/Winter '17.  The street wear essential brand enters its 7th season with new looks and design patterns on comfortable pieces that adapt perfectly with the shift of the weather as the holiday season swiftly approaches.  Esoteric remains married to its core values of Quality and Creativity with this seasons addition to new color schemes on familiar apparel such as mild weather Jackets, 5 Panel Caps, Beanie Knit Caps, thick cotton Crewneck Sweatshirts and brand NEW Home Collection Accessories to provide both comfort and maximum street style appeal. Shop & view exclusive Esoteric Lifestyle pieces in the Shop page of The Styling Closet. View more of the brands images and lookbooks on Instagram @esotericlifestyle.

Watch Cap Beanie Orange
Camo 5 panel
Custom Home Collection Pillows
FALL '17 JUAN_DIAMOND_5296 Bridge.jpg

How To Plan A Sober Bachelorette Party For A Bride Who Is In Recovery

Photo via Pixabay by

Photo via Pixabay by

By: Aimee Lyons


Planning a party for someone who is in recovery can prove to be a bit tricky; you want to ensure they’ll have fun while keeping any potential triggers at bay, all while keeping the other people in the group entertained. It’s not an easy task, but if you’re prepared and have a good plan, it is possible.

Keep in mind that the priority is to keep the bride happy and comfortable, since this is her day. Think outside the box; a bachelorette party doesn’t have to include alcohol to be fun, and it doesn’t have to take place at night. You can invite everyone to a daytime picnic, or go to a spa for a day of relaxation. Think about what the bride-to-be might like to do and go from there.


Here are some of the best tips on planning a sober bachelorette party.


Keep it local


If the guests are mostly locals, look for an event that will take place in town rather than having a destination party. While these are fun, they often include alcohol, and the bride may feel uncomfortable in a strange place, which can be a trigger for substance abuse. Help everyone feel at ease by choosing a location that’s centralized.


Consider a night in


Bachelorette parties don’t have to take place in a fancy restaurant or bar; plan on having a night in with the girls and buy all the supplies needed to get crafty with sleep masks or personalized tumblers, or put together a hilarious 80’s themed costume party. Make it a sleepover and have plenty of snacks and movies, and ask everyone to bring a sleeping bag. These kinds of parties may not involve fancy limos or expensive food, but often, they’re the most memorable.


Get out in nature


If everyone in the group is agreeable, plan a trip out in nature where everyone can enjoy the scenery and have some bonding time. Set up a camping expedition, or head to a local state park and enjoy the swimming, hiking, and/or rafting. Just make sure everyone is clear on the rules of safety beforehand and that they’re all comfortable with the activities you have planned; you don’t want to alienate one or two people during what is supposed to be a fun event.


Have a picnic


Instead of having an expensive dinner at a restaurant--where there will likely be a bar or drink options that might be difficult for your bride to resist--head to a beautiful outdoor spot and set up a picnic, complete with lemonade and yummy food.


Have a spa day


Give your friends a relaxing afternoon at a local spa, where you can get your nails done, get a new haircut, have a massage, and forget about your worries. This is a great way to allow the bride time for herself before the big day so she’ll be pampered and well-rested.


Remember that certain places, games, and people can possibly be triggers of substance abuse for the bride, so be very careful about booking anything and make sure you get her okay first. Double-check the guest list and make sure there will only be people there that she wants to spend time with. For more tips on how to plan a sober party, check out this handy guide.


Planning a bachelorette party can be overwhelming, so reach out for help from someone else in the party if you feel yourself getting stressed. This day should be fun for you, too, so don’t forget to relax and have a good time!



Posh Deux-Fashion Showcase


"We came to Slay." Posh Deux did exactly that and more! This event was more than just a fashion show, It was a complete package of visual creations from hair, makeup and designs.

The event held on the campus College for Creative Studies brought local designer, makeup artist and hair designers together in one production. Posh Deux consistsof Maya MItchell and Jennifer Elayne.

Part of the proceeds from this year's event benefited Wigs 4 Kids Founder and CEO Maggie Varney was on hand to educate the audience about wigs 4 kids and how the organization helps children dealing with a variety of illness's by giving them, "hair replacement units and support services to help with their self esteem and empowering them to look and feel better."

Maggie Varney, Founder/CEO Wigs 4 Kids

Maggie Varney, Founder/CEO Wigs 4 Kids

Models from the Multimedia Makeup Academy (MMA) in Troy, MI opened the show with avant garde looks in face and body makeup.

The next sequence featured designs from Style Dolls. Which incorporated everyday fashions with a bit of glam.

Designer Perry Wayne,, brought looks to the stage that were ready for a night on the town.

Hair Care Expert, Greg Gilmore, showcased hair color, designs and took hair to new levels with his creativity.


The next segment can only be described as a, "show stopper" Designer Ty Hunter, Custom Creations by Fly Ty brought ultra glam to the runway in shades of purple, green and black velvet. Hunter's designs make a powerful statement, crown on, head up and werk.

Local designer, Diane Berry, brought a chic and elegant vibe to the runway. Her designs are colorful and versatile.

The closing segment was a visual explosion of color, design and hair. The segment led by Posh Deux's Maya Mitchell, was visually stunning. The Doyenne Collection Wardrobe-Nneka BFly-Makeup by Khrissy.




The show was a visual feast. Such a diverse collection of designs on the runway. This show did not disappoint.

Fash-Bash 2017

DIA's Founders Junior Council

DIA's Founders Junior Council

Fash Bash 2017 did not disappoint. Oh sure the fashion show was amazing. Lots of vibrant colors and fashions that were outside of the box. But overall Fash-Bash was fun. The DIA's Founders Junior Council really brought the aspect of fun to this years Fash-Bash. In addition to the wonderful food and drinks, there were individual stations where you could make a leather key fob that is currently very hot and popular.

I always tell people who have never attended the event that there are two shows taking place. The fashion show on the runway and the fashion show that takes place before and after the runway event. I love seeing what people are wearing. Yes, the traditional gowns, and sparkle and such. But also very creative and wonderful fashions as well. As the saying goes, "Fashion is art, you are the canvas." 

The Styling Closet Team; Latrice wearing navy lace. Lisa wearing sequins and leopard print.

The Styling Closet Team; Latrice wearing navy lace. Lisa wearing sequins and leopard print.

1. Latrice with Anita Dumo, Neiman Marcus. 3. LisaB with J'adore Detroit Blogger, Candice.

1. Cristal and Nicholas Rutledge; NeimanMarcus 2. Meghan Harvey; Shinola 3. LisaB. and Lindsey Alexander.

The Styling Closet would like to thank The Founder's Junior Council for allowing us to bring a special guest with us to the Lincoln AfterGlow, Meghan Harvey of Shinola.

Meghan Harvey, Mgr of Shinola Troy and LisaB.

Meghan Harvey, Mgr of Shinola Troy and LisaB.

Ken Downing, Fashion Director for Neiman Marcus designs and styles the show each year for Fash-Bash. This year I got to meet him and speak with him about what goes into pulling together a show of this magnitude. 

What was being shown on the runway for the season; Metallic's, yes metallic's are still very hot for all seasons. Also lots of reds and burgandy were shown as well as brocade creations. What I enjoyed seeing was the models with tiara's on with their fashions. I am all set I have a daytime and evening tiara to wear at a moment's notice.

Spotlight on: Jessica Simmons-DSR Apparel

India Arie has a song called, "Strength, Courage and Wisdom" if you have ever met Jessica Simmons, the founder and owner of DSR Apparel you know that Jessica embodies what that song is about.

I met Jessica in 2013 at FASHONSPEAK. We connected just as the one day fashion event was winding down. What started as a 5 minute introduction ended up being almost a 2 hour conversation, not just on fashion but on everything. Jessica is a woman who is direct and knows what she likes and shares that energy and fire with the people that she meets.

DSR Apparel was started in June of 2014. The goal of DSR is, "celebrating strong women, one t-shirt at a time". 10% of sales goes to a different charity in Michigan.

Jessica is a lawyer who has a passion for fashion. Some of her favorite designers are Phillip Lim and Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

"It takes 7-10 years to get a fashion company up and running to be successful." While Jessica works as a lawyer she fully believes that one should always go after what you want.

"If you are hustling and have a side hustle you should be getting paid for it, don't give your talents away." Jessica is definitely walking the walk on not only following your dreams, but setting goals and doing what you have to do to reach them.

You can follow DSR Apparal on Facebook:

Instagram: dsrapparel


Unbuttoning Fitted Shirts

In recent weeks, Fashion rebels like Wiz Khalifa and Russell Westbrook have dared to bare their chests. Guys are opting for a barely buttoned printed top with layered gold jewelry, gently tucked in a nice trouser. This look has been around for decades, just like all great styles this look is resurfacing and taking on a new life. The look gives you a level of sophistication with a collared shirt mixed with sex appeal and comfort by not buttoning from collar to hem. If the style choices of these gentlemen aren’t necessarily your cup of tea but you’re still looking to still be on trend, don’t have to go quite so loud with the print, or quite as deep with the unbuttoning. You can go for a solid colored collar shirt and unbutton up to three buttons. This style paired with a pair of lightweight trousers or ankle pants and loafers are sure to keep you looking stylish and cool this summer.

Turnt on Summer

Available at Nordstrom's Somerset Collection

Available at Nordstrom's Somerset Collection

Summer has officially arrived. 

So along with the sunshine, cocktails and summer fun comes the summer wardrobe. What are you wearing this season? After walking through Nordstom at the Someset Collection the boho vibe is still very much on trend and not going out of style anytime soon.

The warm days and nights have us wanting to show skin and play with color not only in our clothing but via our jewelry and other accessories.

Now that the long Fourth of July weekend is here, don't let any outdated fashion "rules" hold you back. If you like it, wear it. 


All items pictured are available at Nordstom-Somerset Collection.

Shine On

For those who are ready to overstep their boundaries and stand out in the crowd, metallic silver is looking to be a huge standout color of Summer 2017. This trend is working its way into the hearts of Fashionistas everywhere in all forms from tops to bags to shoes. The silver metallic is easy to match with some of your favorite wardrobe staples. Silver livens up the simplest of outfits or can work like a neutral when paired with a bold print. Be fearless and chic this summer and rock one of the hottest color trends. We suggest trying opting for pops of silver before going full on Tinman of the Wizard of OZ. Check out the different ways to rock metallic silver in 2017.

Swimsuits for all!! A must have for summer!!

Hi Guys!! So the warm weather is officially upon us!! I think it's about that time to talk about...SWIMSUITS!! To be honest, I would literally cringe whenever I would hear the word....because I could never find one that would fit me and my curves! Well not anymore!! Fast forward to the Ashley Graham collection, she did a collaboration with swimsuits for all. In a word it's, FABULOUS. The campaign is also very body and age positive which is another thing I love about the collection. 

I just love it!! It's an anything goes swimsuit line, and I just cant get enough.  You can shop sizes from 4-34. This collection does in fact give me life!!  I like the fact that these suits can fit so many sizes and shapes, on top of that they are very sexy! Check them out guys! Happy Summer!!


Joe Faris-Detroit

2008 Joe Faris, a Michigan native made it to the final 6 in season 5 of Project Runway. Faris completed a line of 12 looks and had a show at Bryant Park in New York City. Fast forward to 2017 what is Joe Faris up to lately?

Faris recently opened, "4MEN" in 12 Oaks Mall in Novi, MI. Long before Project Runway Faris had a history in fashion design, working with Pelle Pelle, Bugle Boy, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karen and many more.

When going into 4MEN you can see the love of Detroit all over the store. Many of the items feature the Joe Faris logo of the Lion head holding the brass ring. Seeing what Faris has accomplished since his stint on Project Runway, one could say that indeed Joe has the brass ring and is reaching even further with his designs.

When asked if any designers inspire him, Faris stated that he admires "NIgo from BAPE," and "Jeremy Scott of Moschino. Both designers are on the cutting edge of where fashion is going."

When asked where he sees mens fashion going, Faris replied, "I see the current and upcoming trends toward a more 'casual friday' look. Suits will always be around, but today's younger men want to look stylish and comfortable. As for leather, "Leather will always be around" as well as all forms of denim.

In the fall of 2016 Faris teamed up with Samantha Kandah, Founder and Owner of Sugarbash subscription box. Shirley Strawberry of the Steve Harvey Morning show was so impressed with the subscription box that she now endorses them.,

For the Fall 2016 Sugarbash box, Faris created a rocking crossbody bag. For the current, "Home Sweet Home" subscription box Faris created denim aprons. (The Home Sweet Home box is currently sold out) The aprons were created and manufactured here in Detroit. One apron comes with pink and purple ties and one comes with red and black ties. While the aprons are sold out via Sugarbash, you can purchase them at 4MEN. Still need a gift for Father's Day, stop into 4MEN for one of the denim aprons which are great for grilling or get dad a gift card and let him do his own shopping. *Crossbody bag is no longer available.

Faris works closely with his wife Shannon, not only at the store but on designs. "Joe is the creative one and I work on the business end, stated Shannon. The couple work together very well, they "ebb and flow" if you will. While Joe was doing this interview with The Styling Closet, Shannon was working with photographers, models and designers in the store preparing for a photo shoot. "Shannon is the yay or nay on whether something gets done," stated Faris.

Shannon and Joe Faris.

Shannon and Joe Faris.

So what's next for Joe Faris? Fall 2017 Faris will have space inside of Will Leather Goods Detroit location in midtown. 4120 2nd Ave, Detroit, MI 48201 (313) 309-7892. 

At some point in the near future Faris hopes to bring back, "Fashion In Detroit" A Fashion Production he helped create in 2014. Faris is also working on introducing women's wear into his store. Currently, some of the t-shirts at  4MEN and on the web site do come in mens and ladies.

One thing is for certain Joe Faris is a busy guy. Stop into 4MEN located at 12 Oaks Mall, near Nordstrom's on the 2nd level. (248)513-4769 or shop online

Shannon, Joe and his partner at 4MEN Mike Alpert, and social media director, Harumie

Shannon, Joe and his partner at 4MEN Mike Alpert, and social media director, Harumie

An Evening with Isabel, Ruben and The Official ALT

Andre Leon Talley, Isabel and Ruben Toledo.

Andre Leon Talley, Isabel and Ruben Toledo.

Detroit City is no stranger to talented designers. Detroit has produced a number of well known designers from the city, such as Tracy Reese, Kevan Hall, and Anna Sui just to name a few.

However, I had a opportunity to hear from Designer Isabel Toledo and her husband, Ruben who is a painter and sculptor. To say that the Toledo's collaborate on many works would be a serious understatement. Isabel designs the clothes and Ruben illustrates them and that's putting it as plainly as one can. The couple who met when they were 13 have played to their strengths over the years to a wonderful body of work that extends from clothing, accessories, paintings, books and more. 

What I have not mentioned is that the Toledo's and the ubiquitous Andre Leon Talley were brought to Detroit by the DIA, The Detroit Institute of Art for an intimate conversation not just about clothing and design, but about the Toledo's and how they met, how they work, how they collaborate to bring about such vibrant and diverse pieces of work.

DIA Director Salvador Salort-Pons.

DIA Director Salvador Salort-Pons.

After an introduction by DIA Director Salvador Salort-Pons, Andre and the Toledo's took to the stage. The event started promptly at 7pm and I can honestly say, I could have sat and listened to the trio chat all evening. There was no grandiose feel to the chat it simply flowed. Andre and the Toledo's carried themselves as if they had been talking to everyone personally in the theater. 

The hour in which this talk took place seemed to be the fastest 60 minutes ever. The Q & A segment lead by Talley was a bit of fun and light-hearted. Many in the audience thanked the Toledo's and Talley for acknowledging Detroit as the city makes its comeback. But there were a few people in the audience who caught the eye of Talley and thus ensued a  more in-depth conversation. Sadly, the evening had to end. The event I would say was a huge success not only for the DIA but for the people of Detroit.

Not Your Mother’s Fanny Pack

Most of us remember the fanny pack as a trend in America from the 1980s and 1990s, which had just as many people poking fun at them as there were people actually wearing them. 90’s moms couldn’t resist the fanny pack allure of convenience. Though fanny packs developed a negative reputation since the 90s, they are back in a major way and more chic than ever.

Every few years, a trend creeps into the fashion lexicon via fashion week or a celebrity pushing fashion boundaries. The look re-emerged in Chanel Couture runway FW16, nearly every look went down the runway with a revamped version of the fanny pack. The fanny pack was also featured in a chic pony-hair and suede for Alexander Wang’s FW16 collection as well. 

Many other designers from the likes of Stella McCartney to Gucci to Michael Kors have also gotten in on the revamped trend. Your favorite fast fashion retailers, like H&M, Forever21, and ZARA also offer beautiful and budget friendly versions of the fanny pack. They are being featured in a variety of colors, sizes, and prints to fit any of your style needs. This hands-free style does keep your important belongings close and safe against your body, and gives any look an unexpected punch. There's really nothing not to love.

I totally get it if you are still on the fence about the fanny pack, you don’t want to look like a tourist with bad clothes and wearing socks with sandals. Quite honestly, you have nothing to worry about. The fanny pack has made such a style evolution that it is virtually impossible to not look amazing rocking it. As with any good trend, you have to wear it with confidence. 

Floatation Therapy at Inception.

What used to be rather grimly called "sensory deprivation" or "isolation" therapy has resurfaced as the far more appealing "flotation therapy": Those in need of some de-stressing and mental relaxation can bob about, alone, in an enclosed tub filled with enough salt water to keep them gently suspended on its surface. I love it!

Anyone considering their first float might ask, “What will I get out of it?” The answer is, more than you can imagine. Flotation therapy has been studied for more than 50 years, and it is proven to enhance floaters’ ability to concentrate, complete tasks, and learn how to do new ones. However, the learning experience you gain while floating will go far beyond the cognitive.

Pinpoint Stressors

Floatation treatment is meant to reduce stress. During a float session, you are closed inside a sensory deprivation tank, floating on water enhanced with thousands of pounds of Epsom salt. You don’t see, hear, or feel anything, so it’s impossible to experience external stress. However, people who float regularly report that after floating, they are better able to pinpoint stressors in everyday life. While some stressors are obvious, such as a high-pressure job or an elderly parent in need of care, others are a bit tougher to identify. Floating can help you identify internal stressors such as depression, a drive for perfection, or deep-seated anger at a situation.

Meet the owner of Inception:  David McCullar

Meet the owner of Inception:  David McCullar


Retrain Your Brain

Some floaters report that within the first five minutes of a session, their brains try to grasp any form of stimulation. Some people feel claustrophobic and momentarily panic. At Inception, they try to reduce the chances of this; for example, some clients leave their tanks slightly open to feel safe. However, if you give full sensory deprivation a chance, your brain will learn to retrain itself. Your body will learn sensory deprivation is nothing to panic about but something to enjoy. Over time, you may be able to practice meditation or deep breathing during your sessions.

Listen to Your Body

Many floaters experience chronic pain, from muscle tension or diseases like fibromyalgia. Some floaters are elderly or have disabilities that cause physical and mental stress. Whether you suffer from fibromyalgia, cerebral palsy, migraines, or stomach issues, floating can help you. In sensory deprivation, your body will calm down. As you stop thinking about your health problems, your systems will be less likely to react to them. Floating won’t cure health problems, but it may help your body cope more effectively.

Change Your Priorities

Perhaps the biggest learning experience you’ll get from a float is what happens afterward. You may find you aren’t as tempted to check your phone or email or go back to strategizing how to deal with stress. Instead, you’ll feel more inclined to let your brain and body rest for a decent period before tackling any tasks. Once you are ready to get back to your normal schedule, you’ll find completing those tasks feels easier. To learn more about how this and other learning experiences are connected to floating work, feel free to connect Inception in Farmington Hills, at


Location: 31410 Northwestern Hwy suite G, Farmington Hills, MI


Femme Sneakers

Every woman loves a good pair of sneakers, right? You know…something cute, chic, and casual but feminine. Well ladies, 2017 has been the year of the femme sneakers. Your favorite sneaker brands have released their most icon sneakers in pale pastel hues. Puma Suede classics have been released featuring mint green, pink, and salmon, and lavender color ways. Adidas have re-released the Gazelle and Superstar sneakers in pastel hues as well. The ever on trend, Nike have also produced pastel renditions of their classic Air Force One, Air Prestos and Air Max 98. Then there is style maven and pop-icon Rihanna’s FentyXPuma collection, talk about chic! Rihanna’s last collection features satin bows paired with pastel hues. Previous collections of the FentyXPuma sneakers feature platform sneakers, another major sneaker trend this year. Everyone from Vans to Gucci, have gotten in on the platform sneaker trend. In addition, floral embroidery and art deco sneakers are making a huge splash in the sneaker world this year. Pastel hues look to continue to trend into 2018.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is among the flashiest, most versatile singer/songwriters in post-millennial pop. An all-around entertainer, he also plays multiple instruments, produces, and choreographs. His path to mainstream success was lengthy. After he worked a string of behind-the-scenes jobs, including writing songs for Brandy, singing backup for Sugababes, and impersonating Elvis Presley, he put his name on top of the Billboard Hot 100 by co-writing Flo Rida and Kesha's "Right Round." One year later, he collaborated with rapper B.o.B on "Nothin' on You" and co-wrote Travie McCoy's "Billionaire," both of which became Top Ten hits. Mars used that momentum to launch a solo career and became the first male vocalist in two decades to crack the Top Ten with his first four singles.



Born Peter Hernandez in Honolulu, Hawaii, Mars kicked off his career at the age of four by fronting his uncle's band, becoming Oahu's youngest Elvis impersonator in the process. Ten years later, he was impersonating the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, as part of the Legends in Concert show. After graduating high school in 2003, he took his uncle's advice and moved to California to pursue a music career. He eventually met songwriter Phillip Lawrence, who convinced Mars to try his hand at writing songs for other artists. The two dubbed themselves the Smeezingtons and co-wrote Brandy's "Long Distance." The duo scored their first number one hit in 2009, when they co-authored Flo Rida's international smash "Right Round."

By 2010, Mars seemed to be everywhere: singing alongside B.o.B on the chart-topping "Nothin' on You," co-writing "Billionaire," and collaborating with Cee-Lo Green on the Grammy-nominated hit "F*ck You!" He also began issuing his own material, starting with the May 2010 release of his first EP, It's Better If You Don't UnderstandDoo-Wops & Hooligans, his full-length debut, appeared later that year and quickly produced a number one single, "Just the Way You Are." In 2012, Mars both hosted and performed as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live, debuting tracks from his upcoming album.

hat album, the genre-jumping effort Unorthodox Jukebox, was released later in the year and featured the lead-off single "Locked Out of Heaven," along with production from Mark RonsonDiplo, and others. "Locked Out of Heaven" topped the Hot 100, and the album reached number two in the U.S. The second single, "When I Was Your Man," also hit number one. All that success made Mars a natural for one of the world's most prestigious gigs, the half-time show for Super Bowl XLVIII, where he performed with Red Hot Chili PeppersUnorthodox Jukebox later won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album.


The following year, Mars fronted Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk," a song he co-wrote that was among the most popular singles of that year. It topped charts around the globe and took home several Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year. In 2016, Mars returned with another funk-flavored hit, "24K Magic," and its parent album of the same title.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is Sunday May 14th, one week from today. Have you given any thought as to what you might want to give your mom, your wife, mother of your child/children?

Mom's like all sorts of gifts, store bought, handmade. Remember it's the thought that counts. If your child is old enough take them shopping and let them pick out what to give mom. Of course breakfast in bed is always a great idea. As a mom, I can tell you spending the day in bed lounging about is a fantastic mother's day present.


But if you need some inspiration, The Styling Closet has a few ideas for gifts that any mom would like. All items are available at Nordstrom Somerset Collection.

Is your mom a coffee or tea drinker? A cute mug that she can sip her favorite beverage from will keep you close. A decorative Swell bottle perhaps, there are several sizes available. They keep beverages hot or cold for hours.

How about a few decorative pillows for the living room, bedroom or a window seat.

Perhaps your mom likes to garden? These herbs and flowers are available at Nordstrom Somerset Collection.

Ideas still rolling around in your head, how about a few items for mom's office whether she works at home or away. A small dish for collecting paperclips and such, or maybe a planner or journal or other tchotchkes to decorate the home or book case.

Still not quite sure what to get mom? Then perhaps The Mother's Day Event is for you. The Natural Market located at 19556 Grand River, Detroit is having a Mother's Day shopping event, Saturday May 13th 12-4pm. You can get wonderful smelling candles, body oils, bath salts and more. Not sure of mom's favorite scent, The Natural Market can custom make a scent for you. They are also available online

Men With Style at dolce Moda

If you are driving along Maple road in Birmingham you may have driven right by dolce Moda located at 323 West Maple Rd. But I can assure you that once you stop into the store you will come back time after time.

dolce  Moda has a variety of men's wear on hand, suites, shoes, casual wear, messenger bags, one of a kind belt buckles and more. Yes, dolce Moda carries men's fashion statement pieces; a brocade tuexdo jacket, pocket squares and more. Not sure what look you want to pull together Jenny, the owner of dolce Moda will gladly help you pick out an entire wardrobe for you. Tailored to fit your body and your style.

The newest item at dolce Moda is the introduction of designer Ted Baker's women's fashion line. The colors are vibrant and ready to wear spring-summer. Skirt, maxi dresses and even a romper. What makes all of these pieces work, pockets. Yes most of the items from Ted Baker feature pockets on the designs making them functional and stylish.